Tenants at Brooke Furmston Place, a sheltered scheme in Marlow, were successful with their recent application for Environmental Improvement Group (EIG) funds to brighten up a dull and shady area of the communal gardens. EIG, led by tenant volunteers,  agreed a spend of up to £500 on plants and containers.  

Recently, our Estates Manager Janine took our tenant Trudy along with Graham (tenant volunteer and EIG Chair) to the garden centre, to pick out the plants and containers. Bright colours were chosen to stand out, as Trudy is partially sighted. 

Some of the new flowers at Brooke Furmston Place.

Then, several tenants and members of staff came together to help with the weeding and planting. The chosen plants are all low maintenance and will be managed by Trudy and other Brooke Furmston Place tenants, following guidance from Graham, who was a gardener by trade.

Volunteers and staff hard at work.
Tenants at Brooke Furmston Place.