Our Corporate Journey

Our Corporate Journey shares our aspirations for the current five years, 2021-2026:

In our last Corporate Journey (Red Kite Corporate Journey 2016-21) we set out our plan to become a trusted landlord and a partner of choice. As we embark on our new journey our goal remains the same.

We know we can never assume this by right, but we hope that we have shown in the last five years that we have been consistently working to achieve our aims, particularly in the way we responded to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our roots continue to be firmly fixed in our communities and the people who live within them. We work with our tenants to deliver services that they need, and we know what they need because we listen to what they say.

The first year of our five-year plan

We put together a short video to show what we achieved during the first year of our five-year plan.

Tip: Pause the video if you need more time to view the information.