Find a home

Looking for a new home is an exciting time. We'd really love for your next move to be to one of our homes. So whether you’re looking for social or affordable housing, planning to buy somewhere, or seeking sheltered accommodation, market rental, or shared ownership, we offer a range of homes and tenancies to suit you.

Hoping to find a home with us?

If you’ve found a home you like, and have successfully bid on it through Bucks Home Choice, we know you’ll be keen for things to progress. This is the process we follow, and when you can expect to hear from us:

Voids Timeline

What to expect, from start to finish

Day 1: Nomination

You'll receive an email or a letter from Bucks Home Choice to confirm you have been nominated for one of our homes, and your position (1st, 2nd or 3rd). You may be one of several people who have been nominated for the same home, so at this stage the home is not necessarily yours. We'll be back in touch within 28 days. We can't make this sooner, as this is the notice period for the outgoing tenant. At this stage the outgoing tenant is still living in the home.

Day 1-28: Pre-Tenancy Assessment (PTA)

During the 28-day period, our Lettings Specialist will be in touch to carry out a PTA. This is a simple survey to assess your needs and to check you will be able to sustain a tenancy in the home. It may be possible to have a viewing at this time, depending on the outgoing tenant's situation.

Day 29: Void Works

Now that the home is empty, we will conduct checks and update the new home to bring it up to our Lettable Standard. Depending on the condition of the home, void works usually take around 10-15 working days to complete.

Day 30-51: Viewing

We will be in touch during this three-week period to arrange a viewing of the home while void works are still in progress. Occasionally we can't offer a viewing until the void works are complete, due to health and safety issues. But we will do our best to offer you a viewing as soon as possible.


The viewing and sign-up process will be completed, and you'll be all set to move in to your new home! This will involve a meeting at the home, either virtually or in person, to walk you through your new home and give you the keys or the keysafe number.

Want to become a Red Kite tenant, but need an adapted home?

We may already have a home with adaptations that would suit you. We will always try to match you to a home that fits your needs, including adapted homes. In these cases, we’ll make it clear in our advert that the home is adapted so you can contact us to find out more about whether it will work for you.

We will not usually adapt a home in the first few months of your tenancy, except in exceptional circumstances. Instead, it’s important that you are matched with the right home in the first place. When talking to us about becoming a tenant, please make it clear if you have any specific needs that may need to be considered. For example, if you have mobility issues, we will try to match you to a ground floor home rather than a home with stairs. It’s very important that you tell us what you need early in the process.

Need advice related to occupancy?

We partner with Bucks Home Choice to qualify applicants for our tenancies - find out more about their eligibility criteria.

You can also find more information in our own Allocations Policy.

If you require tenancy advice or support as part of a legal matter you should contact a specialist solicitor. We do not provide letters of support related to immigration applications.