Parking in your garden

No parking is allowed in your garden or on the land around your home unless you have a proper hardstanding parking space, such as a driveway or paved area, with a dropped kerb and pavement crossing.

If you'd like to build a parking space you must have our written permission. You may also need planning permission, building regulation approval and permission from Buckinghamshire Council to install a dropped kerb and pavement crossing.

Your first step is to contact us with a description and sketches of where the planned parking space will be located.

Vehicles must be safe and of a reasonable size and weight for the parking space. They must not cause a nuisance or inconvenience to your neighbours. Any vehicle kept by you must fully comply with all legislation and be taxed, have an MOT (if applicable), and be insured. All vehicles must be registered with the DVLA.

Parking on footpaths and grass verges

We do not allow parking on footpaths or grass verges that we own, and we will take action against anyone who parks on them.

Parking in communal areas

The car parks and parking spaces provided on Red Kite land are for the use of Red Kite tenants and their visitors only. Visitors may include family members or friends, GPs, carers, district nurses, social workers, or anyone else visiting in an official capacity.

Generally, there are no allocated parking bays and parking is provided on a 'first come, first served' basis.

At some of our sheltered homes there will be designated disabled parking bays. These are for the use of any Red Kite tenant who lives at the scheme and is also registered as disabled. You must display your blue badge when parking in a disabled space. Where there is more than one disabled person living at the scheme, the use of the disabled bay will be on a 'first come, first served' basis.

Any vehicles parked on Red Kite communal land must be taxed and insured. Although our land is not 'public' land, we do not permit SORN (Statutory Off Road Notices) to apply to vehicles that are untaxed or not insured. Your vehicle will be subject to DVLA requirements, and so could potentially be removed if you do not tax or insure it. Our staff periodically check cars on our communal land and may put a notice on a vehicle and ask the council to remove offending vehicles.

We do not permit parking on garage forecourts or grassed areas.

Commercial vehicles

We do not usually give permission to park a commercial vehicle, or a vehicle over 3,500kg when fully loaded, on any of our land. If you'd like to do this please contact us.

We'll need to decide if the parked vehicle would have an adverse impact on the area.

Caravans, motor homes, boats, and trailers

You'll need our written permission to park caravans, motor homes, boats, trailers, or similar vehicles on the land or garden around your home. We'll need to decide if the parked vehicle would cause a nuisance to your neighbours. We'll also consider other factors:

  • Whether the land is suitable for parking, and capable of taking the weight of the vehicle
  • Whether you have a history of tenancy breaches or neighbour disputes
  • The position of the parking area - for example, whether the parked vehicle will cause reduced visibility at a road junction.

Access for emergency vehicles

Please make sure that you and your visitors always park carefully to allow emergency vehicles and other vehicles such as waste management vehicles to get through easily.

Service roads

You must not obstruct access to, block or park on a service road. These are for use by emergency vehicles, waste management vehicles, and other vehicles such as gardening contractors only.


We have a number of garages for rent. If you rent a garage from us, you must only use it to store a private motor vehicle. We give our tenants priority when renting out garages, but anyone else can also rent a garage if one is available.

If you're behind with paying the rent for your home, we will not rent a garage to you. You must keep up to date with your garage rent payments.

If you fall behind, we'll write to remind you. If you still don't pay, we'll serve a Notice to Quit. This means you'll have to pay what you owe, or clear and sweep out the garage and return the keys to us by the date set out in the Notice to Quit.

If you don't pay what you owe or return the keys, we'll take back the garage, change the locks, and dispose of anything left in the garage. You will also be charged for the cost of this work.

Vehicle repairs

You can use your parking area or garage to carry out reasonable minor repairs to private motor vehicles belonging to people who live in your home – but not to other people's vehicles.

You must not break up vehicles or carry out any repairs that cause a nuisance, annoyance or offence - for example, by using paint-spraying equipment, hoists, welding equipment, powered tools, or oil spills.

Abandoned vehicles

To report an abandoned vehicle, please get in touch with us. Abandoned vehicles that are not on Red Kite land need to be reported directly to Buckinghamshire Council.

If a vehicle is abandoned, or parked somewhere without permission, or if we think a vehicle or other object on our land is dangerous or unroadworthy, we will take action.