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There’s more to housing than homes: the other side of housing

Recently, you may have heard various commentators talk about a sustained attack on social housing, as though we are a singular business model. And without the whole picture, you would be hard pressed to see the positives. If you didn’t know about housing, you might also be inclined to believe it all and see the reports as justified and reasonable....read more here...

New repairs contractor: Axis

Axis logo


Axis Group PLC is our new repairs and maintenance contractor! With Axis, your repairs service is in good hands. They are a family owned and run contractor that 

specialises in repairing and maintaining social housing homes, carrying out more than 250,000 repairs each year. By working together with Axis, we are confident that we will deliver:

  • Much higher satisfaction with the repairs service
  • Flexible and convenient appointments with you in mind: this new partnership will introduce two hour slots for appointments that mean they won’t interfere with your day
  • Joined-up systems that make things like booking appointments and follow-up communication much clearer
  • Greater customer involvement, so that you have more of a say over your repairs service
  • More community investment initiatives, helping to improve your neighbourhoods
  • Local employment and apprenticeships.

Read more about this news here: New repairs contractor

Manage your home online 

Access your tenancy details online, through our web service called ‘My home’. It's a secure, private online area where you can access personal information and services relating to your tenancy and home. You can use it any time, or anywhere that has access to the internet. Use it to:

•    View your rent account and service charges
•    Make payments
•    Print statements
•    Report anti-social behaviour
•    Check your tenancy details
•    View and create repair jobs
•    Book home appointments
•    ...and much more

How do I access ‘My home’?
You can access ‘My home’ from the ‘My home’ tab at the top of our website and through our mobile app, which is available on the App Store and Google Play. All you need is your tenancy reference number (which you can find on your latest statement or by calling us on 01494 476100) and a few minutes spare to login and see how it works. It’s easy!

Book a home appointment with our team online!

If you need help and support from our team of Experience Specialists, you can book an appointment online, choosing your own date and time for them to see you at home. No more picking up the phone to speak to us – in just two minutes, you can tell us what you need help with, choose a suitable date and time and put it straight into our calendars! Our Experience Team are geared up for almost anything, so you can use this service for things such as: anti-social behaviour, neighbourhood improvements, fly tipping, estate inspections, boundary disputes and financial advice. It’s as easy as 1,2,3...simply visit www.redkitehousing.org.uk/bookanappointment, or download our free app and get booking!


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