Mutual exchange

Are you looking to move to a new location because of work, family, social, or school needs? Or is your current home too crowded, or too big for your needs? There may be other tenants out there looking for a different sized home, or one in your location, and you could help each other out through mutual exchange.

For tenants who are affected by the bedroom tax, or simply need fewer bedrooms, we can offer a cash incentive of £1,000 if you downsize by mutually exchanging with someone who has the right sized home for you and who also lives in a Red Kite home. There must be no rent arrears – if there are, the £1,000 incentive will be paid towards them so that the exchange can happen. This incentive scheme is open to any Red Kite tenant exchanging with another Red Kite tenant – whether you are affected by the bedroom tax or not, downsizing can help reduce rent payments and energy bills, along with many other benefits.

If you've already swapped into your current home, then you need to have been living there for a minimum of six months before you can apply for another exchange.

How does mutual exchange work?

Let us know if you want to mutually exchange – contact our Relationships Team on 01494 476100. One of our Relationship Advisers will talk you through the process of using HomeSwapper.

If you'd like to mutually exchange, please complete a mutual exchange application form. You and the person you want to exchange with must both complete a form each. Once you've completed your form, send it back to us at

Two leaflets about moving home


We'll pay for your registration on HomeSwapper. However, if you're on a starter tenancy, in rent arrears, or subject to court action for repossession, we'll not agree to your registration costs. It would be unlikely that we'd agree to an exchange in these circumstances, even if you pay for your own registration. If your registration is refused and you're not a starter tenant, in arrears, or subject to court action, please call the Relationship Team who can check the reason for the refusal.

We want the process of moving home to be as simple as possible for you, so we recommend that you follow these steps to make sure that you have done everything you can before you move:

  • Pay off any outstanding arrears and other debts owed – mutual exchanges are unlikely to happen if you owe rent or other debts like court costs or recharges, which may affect whether we– or another landlord – will agree to the swap or not
  • Make sure your home is clean and tidy for viewings by other tenants who may want to exchange with you, with certain repairs carried out. We expect you to give your home to a new tenant in a good condition which shows that you have looked after it, in line with our Home Return Standard. If you don't, we'll have to recharge you for any repair or removal work that we need to carry out
  • Do not accept any payment to mutually exchange your home. This is fraud, and we – or another landlord – will take legal action to gain possession of the property
  • You must not move out of your home until all landlords have agreed to the exchange and the legal documents have been signed. If you do so, you'll be in breach of your tenancy and could lose your home.