Who is responsible for repairs?

As the landlord, we are responsible for keeping the structure and outside of the home in a good state of repair. Our Tenancy Agreement sets out the contractual responsibilities for our tenants.

What is Red Kite responsible for?

The things we are responsible for include:

  • External walls, external doors, external window frames and sills
  • Drains and gutters
  • Access paths and steps
  • External decorations
  • Outbuildings which form part of the original structure or have been provided previously by the landlord
  • Repair and improvement to communal areas

We are also responsible for keeping in repair and good working order:

  • Installations for the supply of water, gas, electricity and sanitation. (The service up to and including the gas/electricity meter is the responsibility of the service provider, unless the mains supply outside the home is owned by the landlord)
  • Installations for room and water heating fitted by us
  • Lifts and shared lighting serving the building or estate (where these are not adopted by the council or in other private ownership)
  • Fences and gates which divide your home from a public path/right of way
  • Floor coverings that we have installed in kitchens, bathrooms and toilets, where there is a potential trip hazard

What are tenants responsible for?

We expect you to:

  • Keep the inside of your home clean and in a good condition
  • Maintain your garden
  • Keep communal areas clean, tidy and free from clutter
  • Carry out all internal decorations
  • Report repairs quickly to prevent ongoing damage
  • Meet the cost of repairs that are listed as your responsibility
  • Provide access, in accordance with Tenancy Agreement conditions, so that repairs can be carried out in line with priority timescales set
  • Treat your home with respect and care, avoiding wilful damage and neglect.

Specific tenant responsibilities include:

  • Replacing internal doors, toilet seats, plugs/chains to sinks, and curtain rails and pelmets
  • Plumbing to washing machines and dishwashers
  • Minor repairs to kitchen unit doors and drawers
  • Renewal of letter boxes
  • Items that you, your family or visitors have damaged
  • Repairs to your own improvements (after receiving permission)
  • Replacing light bulbs and fluorescent tubes (unless these are part of a sealed unit)
  • Lock changes and replacing keys/fobs due to loss of keys (unless you are in sheltered housing)
  • Path and patio repairs (we will maintain paths only around the perimeter of the building, and to any washing line installed by us)
  • Doing as much as possible to prevent the build up of condensation in your home, and letting us know about any instances of damp or mould
  • Clearing internal blockages to sinks, baths, showers, WCs and gulley drains
  • Repairs and maintenance to TV aerials (unless in a flat on a communal system), satellite dishes, telephones and their cabling and supply. (Some homes have two TV points; a new one for access to digital TV and an old one no longer in use. It is your responsibility if you require both TV points to be operational)
  • Repairs to sheds and structures you have installed
  • Repairs to boundary fencing and gates between neighbours' gardens.

If we need to carry out repairs that are your responsibility we will recharge you for the cost of this work.

Repairs - Who is responsible? - a complete list

Repair Responsibility
Gas central heating repairs Red Kite
Gas annual servicing Red Kite
Electric night storage heaters/convector heaters/panel heaters Red Kite
Fire installed by tenant (provided they got permission) Tenant
Fire installed by Red Kite Red Kite

Repair Responsibility
Ease and adjust internal doors Red Kite
Replacing internal doors Tenant
Damaged glass on internal doors Tenant
Repairing/replacing internal door handles (wear and tear) Red Kite
Repairing/replacing internal door handles (broken/damaged by
External door handles, catches and locks Red Kite
Window handles, catches and locks Red Kite
Raising or lowering doors for new floor coverings Tenant
Lock change due to lost keys Tenant
Door numbers/knockers Tenant
Repairing letterboxes (not renewing) Red Kite
Window frames Red Kite
Broken glass in external door/window caused by tenant Tenant
Broken glass in external door/window caused by vandalism (must have crime refrence number) Red Kite
Broken glass in external door/window caused by a contractor Red Kite
Board broken glass Red Kite
Ease and adjust external doors Red Kite
Glass in communal windows/doors Red Kite

Repair Responsibility
Floor tiles fitted by Red Kite Red Kite
Floor tiles fitted by tenant Tenant
Floor boards and joists Red Kite
Fitting/replacing carpets Tenant
Replacing damaged lino (general wear and tear) Red Kite
Replacing damaged lino (damaged by tenant) Tenant

Repair Responsibility
Internal wall tiles fitted by Red Kite Red Kite
Internal wall tiles fitted by tenant Tenant
Decorations in communal areas Red Kite
Cracks in plasterwork (unless caused by tenant) Red Kite
Hole in walls and ceiling (unless caused by tenant) Red Kite
Damaged ceiling due to leak (not caused by tenant) Red Kite
Painting and decorating following leak (not caused by tenant) Red Kite
Painting and decorating (general upkeep) Tenant

Repair Responsibility
Taps fitted by Red Kite Red Kite
Taps fitted by tenant Tenant
Internal blockages (sink, wash hand basin, bath, WC) Tenant
Maintaining pipe work to sink, basin, bath and WC (including supply pipe and waste pipe) such as leaks etc Red Kite
Plumbing in dishwashers/washing machines Tenant
Shower installed by Red Kite Red Kite
Shower installed by tenant Tenant
Chains and plugs on sinks and baths Tenant
Dripping shower head/hose Tenant
Water meters Tenant
Leak on WC pan Red Kite

Repair Responsibility
Damaged bath, basin, WC (damaged by tenant) Tenant
Damaged bath, basin, WC (general wear and tear) Red Kite
Renew toilet seat (unless older person with no family/vulnerable) Tenant
Towel rails, hand rails and clothes dryers (unless fitted by Red Kite) Tenant
Shower curtains Tenant
Shaver socket (unless fitted by Red Kite) Tenant
Toilet roll holder Tenant
Mirrors Tenant

Repair Responsibility
Kitchen units installed by Red Kite Red Kite
Kitchen units installed by tenant Tenant
Electric point for cooker Red Kite
Cooker Tenant
Connecting a gas cooker Tenant

Repair Responsibility
Electrical wiring, sockets and light fittings Red Kite
Plastic casing over fluorescent tubes Red Kite
Mains operated smoke alarms Red Kite
Battery operated smoke alarms Tenant
Fuse box Red Kite
Replacement fuses Tenant
Electric meter and supply of electricity Tenant
Extractor fan fitted by Red Kite Red Kite
Extractor fan fitted by tenant Tenant
Replacement light bulbs/fluorescent tubes/starter motors (unless
older person with no family/vulnerable)
Supplying electrical appliances (cooker, washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, kettle) Tenant

Repair Responsibility
Coat hooks Tenant
Curtain poles Tenant
Mould and condensation caused by tenant's lifestyle Tenant
Serious mould caused by rising damp Red Kite
Staircase and handrails Red Kite

Repair Responsibility
Communal meter cupboards Red Kite
All communal areas including balconies, storage cupboards, drying areas and bin stores Red Kite
Communal TV aerials Red Kite
Communal rotary lines Red Kite

Repair Responsibility
Roofing repairs (missing tiles, roof leaks etc) Red Kite
Soffit and fascia boards Red Kite
Chimney repairs Red Kite
Chimney sweeping (clearance) Tenant

Repair Responsibility
Paths - from highway to front door Red Kite
Paths leading to back door Red Kite
Patio in gardens Tenant
General upkeep of gardens Tenant
Boundary fencing/gates between neighbours Tenant
Boundary fencing/gates backing onto a public area (pathway, park, railway line etc) Red Kite
Sheds - Brick (and/or attached to the house) Red Kite
Shed - Wooden (gifted to tenants) Tenant
Greenhouses Tenant
Rotary washing line (unless communal) Tenant

Repair Responsibility
Blocked gutters/downpipes Red Kite
Blocked gully drains Tenant
Blocked/overflowing maintenance hole (Sheltered Housing/Block of flats) Red Kite
Blocked/overflowing maintenance hole (Houses - in their boundary) Tenant

Repair Responsibility
Foundations Red Kite
External painting Red Kite
Individual TV aerials Tenant

For further information on repairs, please refer to the Repairs Handbook provided to you when you signed up.

Protecting homes at risk of flooding

Some of our homes are located in areas which are at risk of flooding during exceptional rainfall or when nearby waterways rise. In these situations the risk of flood damage increases. To make sure these homes are protected as well as they can be, we have put measures in place to reduce flood risks, including early warning systems that help us respond quickly when we need to. We also regularly carry out planned preventative work on those homes which are most vulnerable.

We are making use of geographical information systems to plot high-risk flood areas, as well as tracking weather forecasts through advanced weather warnings sent directly from the Meteorological Office. Our staff and contractors are informed of possible severe weather in advance so they can react accordingly, and we have equipment, including sandbags and portable pumps, and people ready to react quickly in an emergency. We have also carried out physical work to help prevent flooding to homes most at risk.

While it is not possible to prevent flooding in every instance, due to the severity of some natural events, we have taken and continue to take appropriate measures where necessary and will monitor and react to ongoing situations accordingly.