Overcrowding or underoccupation

Are there too many people living at home without the room they need? Or is there too much space - would somewhere smaller suit you better? There may be other tenants out there looking for a different-sized home, and you could help each other out.

If you want to move to another home in the Buckinghamshire area, you can register with Bucks Home Choice or consider a mutual exchange.

Did you know? We offer a cash incentive of £1,000 if you downsize by mutually exchanging with another Red Kite tenant who has the right sized home for you. Just make sure you don't have any rent arrears - if you do, the incentive will go towards paying them off so that the exchange can be considered. This offer is open to any Red Kite tenant, whether you're affected by the bedroom tax or not. Downsizing can help reduce your rent payments and your energy bills, along with many other benefits.