Our aim is to ensure that we achieve quality of works and services, value for money, and involve our tenants through the procurement process.

We're financially strong with a robust business plan, and we're committed to spending and investing wisely, generating savings where practicable to increase resources and bringing additional benefits to our communities via social value.

What is procurement?

Procurement is the process of sourcing goods, services and works: from identifying a need for them, to acquiring them, and the full lifecycle of the contract.

Since the transfer of homes from the local authority, and to ensure continuity of delivery in our key service areas, we've re-procured all major contracts and implemented new ones. Our new contracts have improved quality and reduced costs for our tenants.

Our procurement strategy

New procurement legislation is due to be launched in October 2024, and once we are clear what impact the changes will have on our procurement activities, we will be reviewing and updating our strategy, policies and procedures.

Our procurement strategy includes information on how we approach our three key areas of spend: development, asset management and IT. We aim to bring a streamlined and consistent approach across the business, with the procurement process as a key enabler in our strategic and business aims.

Our procurement strategy is also one of the main components of our corporate strategy, which is underpinned by our purpose: To realise the future potential in our communities.

To achieve this purpose, we have set ourselves five objectives. These can be viewed in more detail on our Corporate Journey page.

These five objectives are supported by a strategic approach to Value for Money. This enables us to increase our capacity to deliver our purpose by doing the right things, in the right way, using the right investment.

Right things + Right way + Right investment = Value for money

Tenant involvement

Our tenants know what's important to them when it comes to the work we do in their homes and neighbourhoods. They understand what we need from a contractor, so we believe their involvement in our Procurement Group is vital to its success.

Our team of trained tenants are involved throughout the process, ensuring the needs and priorities of our tenants are taken into account, and that our money is spent in the right places.

We use a lot of different contractors who provide services, including cleaning, grounds maintenance, repairs, IT and even recruitment. Our trained volunteers help us to write specifications for contracts, review tender documents, and also interview and recommend new contractors. They work in partnership with us to ensure that contractors are properly evaluated through performance reviews, and are delivering to our high standards and providing best value.

Tender opportunities

Tender opportunities will be advertised on the Contracts Finder and Find a Tender Service websites, in line with the requirements of The Public Contracts Regulations 2015. Further information can be obtained from

Modern slavery statement

We're committed to an ethical approach to all our work, and expect our suppliers, partners and contractors to meet our standards. As a community-based housing association, we recognise that we have a responsibility to take a robust approach to slavery and human trafficking.

Public Contracts Regulations 2015 – payment information

In the financial year 2022/23, the percentage of invoices paid within 30 days was 92.89%.