Environmental Improvement Group decisions

We have a dedicated fund that is available to spend on neighbourhood and environmental improvements. Since the creation of our Environmental Improvement Group we've been able to use this funding to make a difference to the places where our tenants live. We've helped invest in playgrounds, community projects, communal spaces and more.

The Environmental Improvement Group (EIG) is made up of our tenants, leaseholders and our staff who meet every month to discuss and vote on funding applications.

2022 decisions

2022 EIG decisions infographic

Malvern Close – Chiltern Rangers project

Recommendation: To improve the natural environment and biodiversity in the area by planting a variety of native bulbs and a native hedgerow on the border of the car park; install a retainer board on the edge of the car park to stop the soil falling onto the car park; and place some planters in the area for local residents to use for planting vegetables and herbs. We would invite local residents to join in the planting of bulbs, and building and painting bird boxes for the area. There would also be some artwork created to show local wildlife, and a wildflower area planted on a grass verge.
Cost: £9,474
Decision: Approved.

Kingsmead Road – Tree planting

Recommendation: To plant a wild cherry tree in memory of a neighbour who had passed away.
Cost: £222
Decision: Approved.

Shaftesbury Street – Planter improvement

Recommendation: To fill the empty planter with soil and plant with a combination of lavender, euonymus and hebes.
Cost: £807
Decision: Approved.

Purchase of benches

Recommendation: To purchase 15 benches to keep in stock to use on various applications.
Cost: £13,004
Decision: Approved.

Park Street – Improvements to the patio area

Recommendation: To replace old garden tables and chairs for sheltered tenants to sit in communal garden.
Cost: £550
Decision: Approved.

Blakes House – Refresh of shrub beds

Recommendation: To plant a mixture of lavender and rosemary in the dead shrub beds.
Cost: £438
Decision: Approved.

Nickson Court – Installation of benches

Recommendation: To replace the old broken benches in communal area for tenants to use.
Cost: £598 + benches Red Kite already had in stock
Decision: Approved.

Laburnum Road – Development of rear garden

Recommendation: To install four benches and a variety of plants in plant beds for tenants to enjoy the communal garden.
Cost: £744
Decision: Approved.

Orchard House – Installation of a shed for tenants

Recommendation: To put in a new shed for tenants to store gardening tools for the communal garden.
Cost: £650
Decision: Approved.

Shotfield Road - Put in a bird beak fence

Recommendation: To install a small bird beak fence to stop vehicles parking on the verge and damaging the grass, and creating more room for emergency vehicles to pass through.
Cost: £1,754
Decision: Approved.

Elliot House - Planting activity

Recommendation: To plant two groups of three Sweet olives (Osmanthus suavis) in pots and an area of wildflowers to improve the appearance and support the environment in that area.
Cost: £504 (including 200m2 of wildflower seed to be used on other projects)
Decision: Approved.

Five Acres - Chiltern Rangers Project

Recommendation: Partner with Chiltern Rangers on a planting project involving tenants to improve the ecology and overall environment.
Cost: £3,000
Decision: Approved.

Gilbert House - Planter improvement

Recommendation: To plant in the planters that run along the front of the building to improve the sight of the area and deter littering.
Cost: £2,320
Decision: Approved.

July - November 2021 decisions

2021 EIG decisions infographic

Laburnum Road

Recommendation: Install a bow top fence, two benches, planters, and a flower bed.
Cost: £6,300
Decision: Approved.

Bowerdean Road

Recommendation: A new shed to be installed as the old one had been broken.
Cost: £725
Decision: Approved.

Squirrel Lane

Recommendation: Picnic benches and planters to improve the communal garden.
Cost: £2,100
Decision: Approved.

Malvern Close

Recommendation: Install a row of Red Robin plants (Photinia × fraseri) along the side of the building to improve the view of the area and deter littering.
Cost: £395.20
Decision: Approved.

Melbourne Road Park
Recommendation: To cover half the cost of lighting to be installed to help deter antisocial behaviour.
Cost: £3,500
Decision: Approved.
Recommendation: Have a double-height curb installed to protect plants around the scheme from being driven over.
Cost: £300-£400
Decision: Approved.

Redman Road Park
Recommendation: Adult gym equipment to be installed next to the park on the green.
Cost: £11,385 + surfacing the ground
Decision: Declined.
Severn House, Hicks Farm Rise
Recommendation: Create an enclosed drying area next to the parking area for safety.
Cost: £850
Decision: Approved.

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