Our team

Here you will find information about our Executive and Senior Leadership Team, who are responsible for managing the key things we do here at Red Kite.

01 Trevor Morrow

Trevor Morrow

Group Chief Executive

Trevor has been our Chief Executive since we became Red Kite in December 2011.

Trevor's focus is ensuring we develop our tenant-led approach and maintain great culture where staff, the board, tenants, and key partners work to provide more homes, great services, and deliver our purpose of enabling tenants to realise their potential.

Spending time ensuring we work with the right partners who can meet our aspirations is key.

02 Alan Keers

Alan Keers

Deputy Group Chief Executive

Alan has worked in the sector for over 35 years. In addition to being the Deputy Group CEO, he leads the insight and intelligence functions, as well as human resources, learning and development, tenant engagement, and communications.

He is also Chief Executive of Twenty11 - a new housing company offering a range of options that are affordable for all members of the community.

04 Nick Burston

Nick Burston

Director of Property

Nick heads up our Development and Property Pods and has responsibility for supporting the growth of the business by maximising the use of our assets.

Nick's teams are at the forefront of our ambitions to provide sector-leading services using cutting edge technology and ensuring that we provide great homes for our tenants. This is achieved by both the delivery of new homes through our development strategy, and investment in our existing homes.

05 Blaise Jennings

Blaise Jennings

Group Director of Resources

Blaise brings 20 years' experience in senior leadership roles in energy and the public sector. He is passionate about making the tenant's voice count, creating the best experience for staff, and energy transformation. Blaise leads group finance, governance, progress and IT.

06 Colin Gummow

Colin Gummow

Assistant Director - Finance

Colin overseas our Finance team and ensures we have the financial resources required by all areas of the business, continually stretching our capacity to grow and ensuring this power is translated effectively and efficiently into the delivery of innovative services to our tenants and communities.

03 Sarah Mei Ying North

Sarah Mei Ying North

Director of Customer Services

Sarah has worked in housing for more than 20 years where she has focused on continually strengthening the services received by tenants, looking at new and better ways of doing things within the sector.

As Director of Customer Services Sarah leads our housing management and relationship functions, ensuring that we provide excellent services, promote the tenant voice, and focus on delivering for the community, in a setting where we constantly strive to disrupt conventional approaches and find new and more innovative ways of doing things.

11 Noreen Adams

Noreen Adams

Head of Governance

Noreen leads Red Kite’s governance, regulatory and legislative compliance, the risk, assurance and internal audit function, and acts as our data protection officer.

19 Malcolm Ankumah

Malcolm Ankumah

Head of Feedback

As Head of Feedback, Malcolm ensures we listen to the feedback of our tenants to provide high-quality services, identify systemic issues, and improve business procedures.

With experience in leading complaints teams for both an Ombudsman and a landlord, Malcolm is passionate about making the tenant’s voice count by using complaints and compliments as a valuable source of learning.

18 Tim Cowland

Tim Cowland

Head of Digital

Tim has spent the past 30 years working in strategic IT roles in local government and the housing sector. As Head of Digital, he leads a team who ensure that the IT systems and data we use on a day-to-day basis are effective and reliable.

A significant part of Tim’s role is to also oversee our ambitious programme of digital transformation, which will further improve our digital services, and help our teams deliver great services to our tenants.

07 Sophie Field

Sophie Field

Head of Resident and Community Engagement

Sophie heads up our Resident and Community Engagement Team and is passionate about supporting tenants and giving them the opportunity to help Red Kite improve its services.

Sophie’s team is responsible for delivering our community investment programme, leading the implementation of the Resident and Community Engagement Strategy and developing partnerships that help to realise the potential in our communities.

17 Dan Fox

Dan Fox

Head of Insight & Strategy

Bio coming soon.

13 Julie Gamble-Kempe

Julie Gamble-Kempe

Head of Communications and Brand

Julie is a former journalist and newspaper editor with more than 25 years' experience. She is responsible for how we communicate as a business, both internally and externally. This includes our website, social media, PR, internal communications, and our brand.

08 David Gerard

David Gerard

Head of People

David makes sure we have the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

His team have a broad range of responsibilities including HR and Culture & Performance.

15 Sarah Hopkins

Sarah Hopkins

Head of Relationships

As our Head of Relationships, Sarah has overall responsibility for our contact centre, relationship management, and the full package of tenancy management - from driving service delivery on empty homes and lettings to whole-tenancy lifecycle support including wellbeing and tenancy sustainment.

16 Aasia Nisar

Aasia Nisar

Head of Projects - Employee Experience

Aasia currently heads up our work around employee experience and how we can best support, engage, and work with our staff to enable them to deliver great customer service at Red Kite.

Aasia is passionate about working with people to get the best out of them and draw on their skills and experiences.

10 Todd Ricketts

Todd Ricketts

Head of Community

Todd is responsible for managing the Estates, Homes, Sheltered and Antisocial Behaviour (ASB) teams.

The Estates team complete regular checks to make the places that you live in are safe. The Homes team work with tenants to sustain their tenancies as well as resolving ASB cases. The Sheltered team offer a bespoke service within our sheltered sites, ensuring that individuals are able to interact within their community and remain living independently.

14 William Walker

William Walker

Head of Property

William leads the Property Pod, who are responsible for delivering repairs and voids, home safety and assets. Their main aim is to ensure that all tenants have a safe and well-maintained home in which to live.

12 Alan Wylde

Alan Wylde

Head of Development

Alan heads up the Development team with responsibility for developing and acquiring new homes for Red Kite.

He has delivered new housing for over 20 years and is particularly interested in the sustainability and low carbon agenda.

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