Homelessness and temporary accommodation

The Buckinghamshire Housing Support Service, sometimes referred to as P3, provide a support service for people who need help to manage and maintain their accommodation if it’s at risk.

Alternative accommodation

If you are experiencing homelessness, or are at risk of homelessness, you have the right to seek help from Buckinghamshire Council. Their housing allocations scheme is managed by Bucks Home Choice. Under the Housing Act 1996, Bucks Home Choice must give 'reasonable preference' to certain groups of people.

As part of this legal obligation, the council have an arrangement with us to provide temporary accommodation while it assesses your needs. We are not involved with the council’s decision regarding your application, but we can help on a temporary basis.

Your temporary tenancy

The tenancy agreement you have with us gives you the right to live in your temporary accommodation as a non-assured contractual tenant under Section 209 of the Housing Act 1996. Your tenancy agreement sets out your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and our obligations as your landlord.

Please take time to read your tenancy agreement and keep it in a safe place. It’s very important that you don’t breach the conditions of your tenancy agreement, otherwise we can take legal action against you which could result in you and any other members of your household being evicted.

Moving on

Once the council have established your needs, they will contact you.

If they have accepted your application, they will assign you with a priority banding on Bucks Home Choice, where you can bid for suitable homes until you are successful. You can continue to live in our temporary accommodation until you find a permanent home.

If the council do not accept your application, we will end your tenancy by serving a Notice to Quit. This is a legal document giving you no less than four weeks’ notice to leave your temporary accommodation.