Report a repair

You can report a repair by using our simple tool below, but you can also call, email or write to us. Scroll down for more information.

Reporting a repair online

You can report repair issues online – any day, any time.

Use the simple tool below to tell us about the issues - you can even add some pictures of your own to make sure we know exactly what you're referring to. Please note that if you leave the screen for too long, your session will time out.

Or call us

  • To report an issue with your gas central heating system or servicing, please call 020 8269 5981.
  • To report a repair during the day, call us on 01494 476100.
  • To report an emergency repair when we are closed, please call 01494 463690.
  • To report damp, mould or condensation, complete our online form or call us on 01494 476100.

If you have any questions about an existing repair, go to our contact page to find out how to get in touch with us.

You can email us too...

If you'd like to email us regarding a repair, you can do so at When you report a repair, please give as much information as possible.

...or write to us

You can also write to our Repairs Team at:

Red Kite Community Housing
Windsor Court
Kingsmead Business Park
Frederick Place
High Wycombe
HP11 1JU

What should I do in an emergency?

If you believe there is a danger to life, you should always call 999 in an emergency.

If you can smell gas, or you think there’s a gas leak, call the National Gas Emergency Service straight away on 0800 111 999. Call from outside the building.

Turn off the gas and open the windows. In most homes your gas meter will be in the kitchen, the hallway or outside your home in a cupboard or box on the wall. Turn the handle at the meter to the horizontal position, so it’s at 90 degrees to the upright gas pipe. Don’t smoke or use anything electrical.

If you have a power cut you should check that all switches are ON in your fuse box - this short video explains how to do that:

If you still don’t have power throughout your home, call 105. This is a free service and will give you more information about power cuts in your local area.

If you have a water leak, turn the mains stopcock to the right (clockwise) so it’s off. Your stopcock is usually located under the kitchen sink, or in a storage cupboard, but if you can't find it contact us and we can advise.

Many Red Kite kitchens will have a SureStop fitted, so pushing the blue SureStop switch will have the same effect.

Turn on the taps in the kitchen and bathroom. This will slow the leak. If you have no water supply to your home contact Thames Water.

Can I tackle a repair myself?

Sometimes it’s simple to do a minor repair yourself, and in some cases it’s your responsibility as a tenant. This might be unblocking the toilet or a sink, fixing a frozen pipe in winter, or resetting a trip switch. Only tackle the most minor of issues, and only those things you’re confident can be done easily and safely.

It’s important that you don’t make a problem worse, or cause other damage in the process, so if in doubt, please report the repair and we’ll help – that’s what we’re here for. If the repair is your responsibility, we will advise you of this and give you the option of arranging your own repair or using our contractors at a cost to you.

Do you check the work done by your contractors?

We aim to undertake inspections of 10% of all relevant works costing under £500. We inspect all works over this value. We also work with our involved tenants to monitor the repairs service through regular telephone surveys of our tenants, as well as site visits.

If you have feedback on a repair - or anything else - we would love to hear it. Please contact us to share your thoughts.

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