Responsive repair

Responsive repair is how we describe small-scale day-to-day repairs that are reactive in nature, rather than planned repairs or those we would pick up in longer-term investment programmes.

Responsive repair covers repairs needed to fix a single or multiple defects that should be carried out within a maximum of 20 working days.

What we aim to do

Our aim is to:

  • Deliver a value for money responsive repairs service that meets the needs of our tenants
  • Comply with all relevant legislative and regulatory requirements and meet our contractual and legal obligations
  • Ensure that we maintain a safe and secure environment
  • Carry out only those repairs that are our responsibility

Our objectives are to:

  • Provide a reliable, responsive service
  • Ensure the service is easily accessible through a range of different contact points
  • Achieve high standards of customer care and satisfaction
  • Ensure everyone is aware of their responsibilities for repairs and the costs associated with these
  • Carry out repairs in one visit where possible
  • Achieve a high quality of completed work

If we can’t complete your repair during the first visit we will always make sure the situation in your home is safe before we leave. We will then return to your home at a later date to complete the full repair. If we classified it as an emergency or urgent repair when you first raised it with us, we will be back in touch within a maximum of two working days to arrange the completion of the repair. For less urgent repairs, we’ll assess the works needed and get back to you with the next steps as soon as possible.