Buying land from us

Thinking about buying some land from us? Here's the process behind land sales:

As a tenant-led, not-for-profit organisation, we make best use of our funds to be able to provide excellent services for all our tenants and our local communities. We take pride in our work and we operate openly and fairly to build trust and mutual respect.

We own a lot of land that we know many local people are interested in. So, to protect our tenants and make sure the land is used in the best way possible, we've set out a clear policy for dealing with any applications.

In summary, before we decide on a land sale, we may consult neighbouring Red Kite tenants and leaseholders, and/or relevant Town and Parish Councils.


Applications to purchase land will be declined if:

  • the sale of the land negatively impacts or prevents our plans for neighbourhood regeneration
  • we wish to use the land for the development of new homes
  • the sale of the land would prevent development of adjacent land, whether owned by Red Kite or not
  • the land provides access to properties or land in the ownership of Red Kite
  • there's a greater community benefit to the retention of the land or property.

Land value

The land value will be fully assessed and we'll get a valuation from a qualified Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) valuer. The valuation will be based on the maximum commercial use of the land, not the purchaser’s intended use for the land once acquired.


In addition to the sale price, all costs relating to the purchase of land must be covered by the applicant. This prevents our tenants and leaseholders paying unnecessary costs.

Costs typically include:

  • Valuation fee
  • Fee for the preparation of the Legal Plan
  • Solicitors' fees
  • Administration fee

Fees will be confirmed once an application is received.

Please note: Applicants are responsible for checking with all statutory authorities that their plans for the land are allowable. We will not provide any warranties for land sold. All land is purchased at the applicant’s risk and we reserve the right to decline an application to purchase land.