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We have ambitious plans for our future, and to get there, we need your input. Being a Red Kite shareholding member is more than just a 'tick-box' exercise, it's about being part of something bigger, and an exciting future where your voice will truly be heard.

There are exciting new things happening in the future which you can only take part in if you are a member, such as:

  • Helping us make business decisions, such as how we share important news, the materials and choices we offer for improvement work, and which days we close over the Christmas period
  • Attending our Annual General Meeting.

How do I become a member?

If you're a Red Kite tenant or leaseholder, you are eligible to become a member. Simply fill out and submit the application form on this page. Please contact us if you would like a print copy of the form.

Please note that you can only become a member if you are either:

  • One of our tenants
  • One of our resident leaseholders
  • One of our resident shared owners.

You must also:

  • Not be in breach of your tenancy agreement or lease
  • Be aged 16 or over
  • Have read our rules and agreed to abide by them.

When does my membership end?

Your membership will end if you:

  • Stop being one of our tenants, resident leaseholders, or shared owners
  • Seriously breach your tenancy agreement or lease, or are expelled for conduct which is damaging to the association
  • Withdraw from membership by giving notice to the Resident and Community Engagement Team. The notice will be effective from the day it is received.

If you have any questions about membership, just send us an email:

Membership application form

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