Resident Representative Team key roles


The chair has responsibility for:

  • Chairing and facilitating RRT's six-weekly meetings
  • Confirming the agenda for six-weekly meetings
  • Attending and chairing sub-committee meetings.

Board and sub-committee

Members of RRT who make a commitment to attend these meetings have responsibility for:

  • Representing RRT's views, questions and challenges
  • Feeding back to RRT the key three-to-five areas of interest or concern to residents that were discussed in the meeting
  • Holding the board to account for answering any unanswered questions
  • Reviewing any relevant papers and putting forward questions on behalf of RRT.

Consultative role

RRT members who take on a consultative role have responsibility for:

  • Reading through any preparation papers and identifying questions/concerns/views to share
  • Committing to attend RRT meetings and occasional consultative meetings
  • Speaking out about questions/concerns and views during meetings.

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