Guest rooms

We have a number of guest rooms available in our sheltered schemes so that our sheltered tenants can book them for their friends and family to come and stay in. Booking couldn't be easier - either call us on 01494 476100, speak to a member of the Sheltered Services Team, or email the team We can advise on availability and take your booking. A minimum of 48 hours' notice is required.

There are a number of different guest rooms available to book:

Guest room Location Bathroom Facilities Nightly charge
Archdale Wycombe town centre, HP11 2JR Full en suite £22.37
Barrowcroft High Wycombe, HP11 1RH Communal £14.92
Brooke Furmston Place Marlow, SL7 1GN Full en suite £22.37
Gatensbury Place Princes Risborough, HP27 0DS En suite - WB/WC £18.65
Gweneth Court Marlow, SL7 3XD Full en suite £22.37
Mayorfield House Marlow, SL7 2PU Full en suite £22.37
Nancy Hall Court High Wycombe, HP12 4NZ Full en suite £22.37
Nickson Court High Wycombe, HP15 7UF En suite - WB/WC £18.65
Orchard House Bourne End, SL7 5JU Communal £14.92
Woollerton Court Princes Risborough, HP27 9HB Full en suite £22.37

Scheme Floor Number of stairs Bathroom facilities Number of beds Speech module Door width
Archdale 1 1 flight or lift WB/WC/Shower 2 single No Standard
Barrowcroft 1 15 WC/WB/Bath down hall 2 single No Standard
Brooke Furmston Place G 2 down Shower/Bath/WB/WC 2 single Yes Standard
Gatensbury Place G Level WB/WC 2 single No Standard
Gweneth Court G Level Shower/WB/WC 2 single No 30’’ (76.2cm)
Mayorfield House G Level Shower/WB/WC 2 single    
Nancy Hall Court G Level Shower/WB/WC 2 single No Standard
Nickson Court 1 13 WB/WC 2 single No 35” (88.9cm)
Orchard House 1 Lift + 2 WB/WC across hall 2 single No Standard
Woollerton Court 1 1 flight Bath/WB/WC 2 single No Standard

  • The guest room facility is provided to Red Kite tenants to enable them to have a family member or friend visit them.
  • It is the responsibility of the tenant and/or their guest to provide their own bedding, linen, towels and toiletries.
  • The guest room may be booked on a daily basis. The maximum permitted use of the guest room will be for a period of two weeks.
  • The guest room should be vacated by 10am and the keys returned to Red Kite Community Housing on the same day as per the agreement.
  • Red Kite reserve the right to cancel the guest room booking for whatever reason. In this instance, the guest room must be vacated within 24 hours of being requested to do so.
  • Bookings for the guest room will not be considered where there are outstanding charges still owed to Red Kite or where the booker or guest has previously not abided by the terms and conditions of use.
  • The tenant will be required to sign and confirm their agreement to comply with the necessary terms and conditions for use of the guest room. Their guest is their responsibility for the duration of the time they have the guest room booked.
  • The daily charge for the guest room will be reviewed annually and details of the charges will be displayed on scheme notice boards.
  • The guest room key gives access through the main door of the scheme. This key is only to be used by the guest staying in the guest room.
  • If the keys are lost at any time this must be reported immediately by calling 01494 476100. If you are staying in a different scheme to the tenant you are visiting, a map will be provided of this scheme.

Payment should be made in advance by cheque or credit/debit card only - cash payments are not accepted.