Tenant satisfaction measures survey

You may receive a call from TPTracker, asking you how satisfied you are with Red Kite's services. This is a genuine call and they're assisting us with a phone survey to collect tenant satisfaction data. 

TSMs (Tenant Satisfaction Measures) are a new requirement from the regulator so they can see how Housing Associations are doing in serving their tenants. All registered housing providers in the country will be collecting these from tenants.

As mentioned, TPTracker will contact you via a phone call but it's useful to remember, if anyone comes to your door, claiming to be from Red Kite, or there on behalf of Red Kite and you were not expecting them, ask to see their ID.

Each of our staff and operatives carries an ID badge and they should show it to you before coming into your home - be vigilant, and if there is any doubt, contact us on 01494 476100. See more on our Visits to your home page.