Our partners

We work in partnership with a number of different contractors to deliver our improvement and investment programmes, our repairs service, and other tenant and leaseholder services.

This is a list of all the different contractors we work with, so that you know who to expect when we need to visit your home. If you notice anyone else using our logo, or saying that they work on our behalf, please let us know - they have not been given permission to use our branding.

If anyone asks for access to your home, you should always ask to see their ID to be sure that they are who they say they are. If you are unsure, please call us on 01494 476100 and we can confirm it for you. Please don't be worried about asking for ID - our contractors are all prepared for you to ask this question!

Repairs service

Our repairs service is currently being delivered by a number of contractors, including FSG and Gilmartins, as well as a number of other smaller organisations who will carry out some of our repair appointments. We'll always confirm which contractor will visit and work on your home before they arrive, so please ask to check their ID before letting them in.

Our partners include:

We also work with:

  • AD Construction Group (Architectural Decorators Ltd)
  • Allied
  • Ayling Fencing
  • Clive's Drives
  • M&J Group (Construction and Roofing)
  • MCP Property Services
  • Mulalley and Company Ltd
  • PA Group UK Ltd
  • R. Benson Property Maintenance Ltd
  • Sandy's Plumbing
  • SLN
  • Solar Windows Ltd
  • TSG Building Services