Communal areas and storage

You are responsible for keeping any corridor, staircase, or other communal area clean and clear of rubbish (unless we provide a cleaning service). Where you see a repair that needs to be carried out or a problem in a communal area, please report it to us so we can get it put right as soon as possible.

We have a legal duty to make sure that we reduce the risk of fire in our flats and schemes, and that tenants are able to escape in an emergency. We take safety very seriously and because of this, we're strict about what is stored in communal areas.

This applies to things such as mobility scooters, walkers, pot plants, bicycles, furniture and ornaments which are in corridors, hallways, cupboards and other communal areas.

Communal storage

Where your scheme has a designated communal storage cupboard or shed, only permitted items are allowed to be stored there. You must get permission from us before any items are stored in these areas by completing and submitting the application form below. If permission is granted, all items will need to be labelled with your name and address.

Our approach to dealing with items in these areas focuses on:

  • Ensuring that our tenants enjoy a safe, clean and tidy environment
  • Preventing the risk of injury or loss of life through cluttered communal areas
  • Meeting our legal requirements.

These are our responsibilities, but tenants are also responsible for the safe storage of their goods, in line with their tenancy agreement.

Generally, within the communal areas of our homes, there will be no storage of personal belongings permitted. Even if the belongings are not an immediate risk or fire hazard, they will affect the cleaning and appearance of the area.

Application form to store items in a communal area

e.g. a garage or shed
i.e name of block and location within block or garden

Item(s) you wish to store:

Item #1
(if appropriate)

By submitting this form you are confirming that you have read and understood the following data protection statement: The information you provide will be held by Red Kite Community Housing in accordance with our data protection policy, privacy notices and retention schedules; the Data Protection Act 1998; and the General Data Protection Regulation 2018. It will be used solely for the purposes described on this form. The information you provide will not be passed on to any third parties without your permission and Red Kite Community Housing does not sell any data to third-party organisations.

Mobility scooters

The storing or charging of mobility scooters in any communal area is strictly forbidden. Tenants must obtain our consent before purchasing or leasing a mobility scooter. Tenants may only store a mobility scooter within their own home, unless there is a designated mobility scooter storage area provided which has space available and which has been agreed by us.

If you're thinking of getting a mobility scooter, please contact us first to ensure that there's a suitable location where it can be kept.

Regular checks

We'll check and enforce these rules when carrying out our regular health and safety inspections and risk assessments.

There will be times when we remove items straight away if they cause an immediate risk, such as if they are blocking a fire exit or if they could cause a fire. This could apply if items are stored in electrical cupboards, for example.

If they're not an immediate risk, we'll try and find out who's left the item, and ask them to remove it within a specific timescale. If we can't find out who's left the item, or if the person responsible has not removed it despite our request, we'll remove the item ourselves and, depending on its value, will dispose of it or store it for a limited time. We may charge the tenant for this.

Loft access and storage

New Build Homes

The lofts in new build houses are often not load bearing. Use is therefore prohibited.


Red Kite Community Housing only let the demise of the flat i.e., everything within the four walls. The loft space is part of the communal areas of the building and can contain communal services such as tanks, pipes, and wires. Use of a communal loft space is therefore prohibited.

Single Dwelling

It’s not recommended that you use your loft as this space is not covered within your tenancy agreement. We accept no liability if you use the loft space in your home and cause damage to any services such as electric cables, water pipes, insulation, or your ceilings. We also accept no liability for any damage that may be caused to personal items. If you wish to use the space, you should ensure you have the appropriate contents insurance cover to protect your belongings.

The cost of any damage caused by your possessions or presence in the loft may be recharged to you.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about fire safety or communal areas, please call 01494 476100 or email

Thank you to all our tenants who help us to keep our homes safe.