November Estate Inspections

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If you are a Red Kite tenant and you'd like to join us on any of these inspections please give us a call on 01494 476 100 or email us at

Each inspection will last for around 90 minutes, unless otherwise stated.

 Date  Area  Covering
01/11/2023 at 2pm Booker South Havenfield Road, Squirrell Lane, Youens Road, Fernie Fields, Ash Road, Fraser Road, Elm Road, Sycamore Road, Oak Crescent, Deacon Close, Glenister Road, Crossways
03/11/2023 at 10am Downley Hithercroft Road, open space off Hithercroft Road
08/11/2023 at 2pm Marlow Newtown Road, Newfield Gardens, Newfield Road
10/11/2023 at 10am Hazlemere Beaumont Way, Hill Avenue (land), Brimmers Hill in Widmer End, Cockpit Close, Great Kingshill
15/11/2023 at 2pm Tylers Green Coppice Farm Road including Kestral and Kite Cottages, Church Road (Penn), The Pines, Tylers Road and Crescent, Curzon Close, Curzon Avenue, Rose Avenue
17/11/2023 at 10am Totteridge Hatters Lane, Wingate Avenue, Wingate Close, Cambridge Crescent, Linchfield
22/11/2023 at 2pm Rural Square Close Cottages, St Mary's Cottages; Varnells Terrace; Westfield Bungalows; Ellery Rise; Panleigh Cottages, Church Road
24/11/2023 at 10am High Wycombe town centre West End Road, Wendover Street, Suffield Road, Rutland Street
29/11/2023 at
Princes Risborough The Avenue, Highfield Road, Crossfield Road, Cannon Place, Brooke Road, Longwick Road

Our estates and communal areas are important to all of us and we want to make sure they're maintained to a high standard.

Inspections are weather dependent and could be cancelled at short notice.