Welcome to the Red Kite community!

We are delighted to have you as a tenant and hope that you will be happy in your new home.

You should have received the following documents via DocuSign - if not please contact us:

  • Tenancy Agreement - including:
    • The Rental Exchange
    • Authorisation for Exchange of Information
    • Utility Authorisation Form
    • Rent Book Form
  • Gas Safety Record (LGSR)
  • Energy Performance Certificate
  • Electrical report

We hope that you will find everything to your satisfaction in your new home. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us, and if you have any repair issues with your new home please call 01494 476100 as soon as possible.

You might also find the government's guide How to rent - the checklist for renting in England useful.

Now you're a Red Kite tenant, you are eligible to become a member - find out more about Red Kite and becoming a member.

Once again, welcome to the Red Kite community!

Important first steps:

In line with current health and safety regulations, your water and gas supplies have been turned off.

  • If this has not already been done, please call our contractor K&T Heating on 0208 269 5981 to arrange for them to come and reinstate your gas boiler.

    (If your new home has electric heating, e.g. storage heating, you do not need to contact K&T Heating)

  • Turn on your stopcock to reinstate your water supply - this is usually located under the kitchen sink, or in a storage cupboard, but if you can't find it contact us and we can advise.

Rent Payments

To avoid falling into arrears, it is crucial to set up your rent payment as soon as possible. We make this process easy by offering a variety of convenient payment options - our preferred payment method is direct debit.

Housing benefit

If you are currently receiving housing benefit then you must contact Buckinghamshire Council to tell them about your change of address within one month.

If you do not do this, your housing benefit may end and you will have to claim Universal Credit instead.

Universal Credit

If you receive Universal Credit, you must advise the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) of your change of address.

You can report your change of address by either:

  • signing into your Universal Credit account if you have one, or
  • calling the Universal Credit helpline (0800 328 9344) if you don’t have an account.


If you're struggling with the cost of living and need some help, check out this list of organisations who can provide support, including grants for furniture and white goods.

FAQs - Paying your rent

Your tenancy states that rent is charged weekly on a Monday and must be paid in advance. That way your account doesn’t fall into arrears.

If you don’t want to pay your rent on a weekly basis in line with your tenancy, then that is fine. But you will still need to pay in advance. So if you pay every month, then we’ll need you to pay a month in advance so that your account doesn’t fall into arrears. This applies if you want to pay fortnightly, four weekly or any other frequency.

Get in touch with us on 01494 476100 and we can set up a direct debit for your full rent plus an additional amount to get you in advance over the course of a few months.

Yes, we still expect rent to be paid in advance. If you’re on benefits that pay you monthly or four-weekly in arrears then we’d want to get you on a direct debit to start building that advance at a rate that is affordable for you.

Your tenancy states that rent is due in advance, so you should never be in arrears on your rent account. It also protects you from changes in circumstances. For example, if you paid monthly in arrears and found yourself unable to make a payment at your usual time, your rent account could fall into substantial debt before you’re able to get it back up to date.

To ensure that you are only charged for the energy you use, it is important to contact Utilita or the utility company (or companies) of your choice and register with them immediately. Make sure you give them the current meter reading from your new home.

We will pass on your contact details and moving-in date to our current energy provider, Utilita - find out more about Utilita.

If you are thinking of having your gas meter removed or capped please contact us first for guidance.

We also have some information on smart meters and heating your home.

Contact Thames Water on 0800 980 8800 and register with them. You will need to give them the current meter reading (if applicable) from your new home.

You will need to let Buckinghamshire Council's Council Tax team know that you've moved in to a new address.

You need a TV licence to watch or record programmes on a TV, computer or other device.

You may be able to get a free or discounted TV licence if you’re 75 or over and get Pension Credit, or if you’re registered as blind.

You don't need a TV licence to watch:

  • streaming services like Netflix and Disney+
  • on-demand TV through services like ITVX and Amazon Prime Video
  • videos on websites like YouTube
  • DVDs or videotapes.

When you move into a new home, it's very important that you arrange your own home contents insurance. We are not responsible for insuring your personal goods, so if there was an accident - such as a fire or a flood - you would need to replace any damaged items yourself.

Here is some information that will help you to arrange your own insurance.

Home Safety

To ensure the safety of both your home and your fellow tenants, it is crucial that you carefully review this information:

Other useful information

You will find lots of other information across this website - here are some of the more important things for you as a new tenant: