In February 2018, we announced the set-up of a brand new housing company, Twenty11, that will be a sector-first organisation offering homes with rent levels that are based on a person’s individual ability to pay.

We have been developing these plans over many years, to respond to the challenges we face as a sector with the current system – we recognise that it does not work, so we are trying to change what we can for the benefit of people who we know desperately need housing that is right for them.

Our approach, which has been wholly designed with and driven by our customers, is something that we know is right because it addresses the concerns they have been sharing with us directly. Issues of affordability and making sure that work leaves you better off, as well as how bad behaviour from the few can hugely impact on the many.

Twenty11 is a new housing company that makes a fundamental move from rents that are focused on a property to be based on an individual and their ability to pay. Initially set up as a pilot, we will be monitoring and reviewing our new approach with customers so that we can continuously improve and change elements that see even better outcomes for people.

We’ve purposefully turned the telescope around and looked at things from both perspectives – a business view and that of our customers – to make sure we keep a firm focus on what’s right, not always what’s easy.

This video has been created to share our plans, with the hope that our ambitions for Twenty11 create an interest in what we believe is going to be a truly exciting new offer to the housing sector.