Here at Red Kite, we're committed to resolving antisocial behaviour (ASB) towards tenants and staff quickly and informally whenever possible. However, when informal resolution fails or matters are extremely serious, we take decisive enforcement action.

Recently, staff conducting work on one of our estates were abused and threatened by a tenant. We applied to the court for an ASB injunction, which was successfully granted on an interim basis. The judge was persuaded that the evidence submitted was proven, clear, and the action proportionate.

The ASB injunction now provides protection to our staff and contractors, including the interim power of arrest which can be used related to one particular clause around threatening behaviour.

Successful committal proceedings

In an unrelated case, we also took committal proceedings in September for a long-running case when we were able to prove a number of incidents of ASB to the criminal standard in court. This followed an existing court injunction which we took back to court because it was breached a number of times.

Our commitment to tackling ASB

ASB can have a significant negative impact on our communities and we're determined and focused on tackling these problems. To do this, we have nurtured and continue to develop very close and mutually beneficial relationships with key partners such as Thames Valley Police, Buckinghamshire Council and specialist support agencies or charities.

We believe that this is the most effective way to tackle deep-rooted problems and really make a difference to our communities.