Working in close partnership with the police to gather evidence, our Antisocial Behaviour (ASB) Team have succeeded in evicting two tenants for serious ASB and criminal offences.

Our ASB Specialist Lou Phelps-Jeffrey took a lead on these cases, working very hard to make the most of our positive relationship with the police and ensuring we were in the best possible position for the lengthy legal process. In one case, Lou even organised a joint visit with the police to a property so she could be on site when drug paraphernalia was found.

Both the homes concerned were in densely populated areas, and the behaviour of both tenants had a considerable impact on neighbours, both Red Kite tenants and private owners.

ASB is a serious issue that can have a very significant effect on many people's lives. As a tenant-led housing association, we will continue to take firm action to tackle it wherever possible, working in partnership with the police and other agencies to achieve the required outcome. We encourage our tenants to report instances of ASB so that we can work to resolve the situation and improve the lives of our tenants and the neighbourhoods where they live.