At Red Kite, we understand how important it is to feel happy in your home and community, which is why we take antisocial behaviour (ASB) very seriously.

Working closely with partner agencies, during Antisocial Behaviour Week (3rd-9th July) eviction warrants were exercised at two Red Kite properties.

As both cases involved numerous incidents of ASB and criminal behaviour, joint working with Thames Valley Police and the local authority was crucial. By working alongside our partners, we were able to share evidence and build a robust case in order to bring much-needed respite to the neighbours of these properties. 

We will always try to resolve ASB in our communities and homes using the other methods we have available to us (such as mediation) but unfortunately this is not always possible. In some instances we do have to resolve these issues through legal action. This involves a considerable amount of work behind the scenes, and is not something we take lightly.

As a tenant-led housing association, we understand that ASB is a serious issue that can have a significant impact on many people’s lives. If you’re a tenant of ours we encourage you to report all instances of ASB to us, so that we can work together to resolve the situation.