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Environmental Improvement Group

We have a dedicated fund that is available to spend on neighbourhood and environmental improvements. Since the creation of our Environmental Improvement Group (EIG), we've been able to use this funding to make a difference to the places where our tenants live. We've helped invest in playgrounds, community projects, communal spaces and more.

The EIG is made up of our tenants, leaseholders and our staff who meet every eight weeks for an hour to discuss and vote on funding applications. If you'd like to apply for funding for a project that will help improve your local neighbourhood, please see our advice and application form below.

What is an improvement?

A neighbourhood or environmental improvement is something which improves the quality of life for our tenants, as well as the local community. Examples include:

  • Enhancing green spaces and natural habitats
  • Enhanced landscaping features around homes
  • Investment in community projects
  • Environmental and Sustainable improvements.

How it works?

  • Someone comes up with an idea to improve the neighbourhood or local environment, discusses the idea with their neighbours, and submits an application.
  • The group takes the idea if approved, subsequently instructs the relevant teams at Red Kite to scope it, source the contractors, and supervise the work.
  • Please note: The EIG can only consider applications for improvements on Red Kite land. If you are not sure if the land is Red Kite, please contact us on 01494 476100.

How do I apply?

You need to complete the EIG application form. Before you do this you should:

  • Have a chat with one of our community specialists to hear what they think about the suggestion and whether it fits with the long term investment priorities for the community. Give us a call and ask to speak to one of them. 
  • Think about the practicalities – is it something that will really improve your neighbourhood? Do you think it really is feasible? Would it be cost effective?
  • Contact other tenants, leaseholders and members of the community to see if they support your suggestion. We have created this form to help you collect some responses.

What we've done so far

Over the years, we've completed a wide range of projects to improve the places where our customers live. 

Clearing up Five Acres

We ran a successful project at Five Acres in partnership with Chiltern Rangers CIC. We consulted with and involved our tenants and leaseholders, who you can see from the photos got stuck in and really enjoyed the project! We seeded a wildflower area, cleared fly-tipping from the River Wye, made and painted bird boxes, created artwork, added planters and had a general tidy up of the area. Read the news story to see more photos

Local residents making a birdbox

Staff clearing the stream at five acres

Planting a hedge

During an estate inspection at the Imbies estate in Downley, a tenant approached us to highlight an issue with passers by throwing litter into a gully near to where he lived in Malvern Close.

After receiving his feedback we planted a new hedge in front of the gully to deter passer’s by from littering. Read the full news story.

The new hedge in Downley

Courtyard at Gatensbury Place

The photo below shows the new courtyard garden at Gatensbury Place, where an EIG grant was used to turn a plain concrete courtyard into a beautiful flower garden with creative architecture, imaginative planting and new garden furniture, all of which helped transform the space into a popular social area for our tenants.

Gatensbury Place

Bus shelter at Gweneth Court

Installing a bus shelter at Gweneth Court was one of our earliest projects. Providing our tenants with somewhere dry and comfortable to wait for the bus gave them the opportunity to access bus services to Marlow three times a day.

Gweneth Court bus shelter

The importance of tenant involvement

"I have been involved with the EIG for several years now, and there is something very satisfying in providing extra facilities around the area which people have actually said they want and need." Dorothy, Red Kite tenant

"I continue to be involved in this group, because the people I work with want to ensure a positive outcome for their community and to ensure the grant money available is used for the benefit of our tenants ... having tenants involved ensures that the voice of the tenant is heard and that you as a tenant can make changes to improve services." Michelle, Red Kite tenant

Volunteer with us

If you'd like to join EIG, take a look at our volunteering pages for more information and how to get involved. 

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