20 November 2015

Improving the Playground at Gayhurst Road

Category: Environment

Our latest project using our community fund was the improvement of the play area at Gayhurst Road.

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Improving Communities
12 November 2015

Improving communities with OpenDoors

Category: Partnerships

We've put together an infographic which shows some of the ways we've been working together with OpenDoors to improve our communities and support the people who live in our homes.

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Career In Housing
9 November 2015

Can a career in housing become a home?

Category: Careers

Let's face it, there are some professions and career paths that you just don't fall into. Doctors, astronauts, architects... do any of us honestly know somebody who became a surgeon by accident, or simply by 'knowing someone' in the field? Probably not.

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Home Swap Event
4 November 2015

Home Swap event is a hit

In October, we hosted a Home Swap event that gave some of our customers an opportunity to find a more suitable home as part of our drive to make sure that our customers are living in homes that are the right size for them.

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