We’re always striving to help our tenants to realise their potential and improve their lives – whether this be through providing funding, teaching new skills, or offering support. 

With this in mind, on Thursday 1st February our Resident and Community Engagement team held their first official digital training session for tenants, following their successful trial in August last year. 

11 tenants came along to the session, ready to learn all about the digital world and gain some new essential skills. The session was run in collaboration with ROCK – Red Kite’s IT support service provider - and covered seven different topics: 

  • Finding your way around a laptop 
  • Online safety 
  • Video calling 
  • Online shopping 
  • Social media 
  • Digital entertainment - such as Netflix and YouTube 
  • Navigating Red Kite’s online services - such as reporting a repair on our website. 

Tenants learning at a digital training session

The mood in the room was positive throughout the day, and tenants were vocal about how much they were enjoying the session, with one tenant saying, 

“I was a bit nervous when I came in this morning - it’s the fear of the unknown. I really wanted to come in today for this session as I have a tablet at home and I wanted to learn a bit more about how to use that and a computer in general, which I have done. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this training! I particularly liked the part about online safety as that is really important.” 

ROCK helping a tenant at a digital training session

Sanjay, our Digital Engagement Specialist, who organised the session said,  

“I really enjoyed leading on designing and delivering this digital skills training course. 

"Our tenants have fed back to us that a lack of digital skills has increasingly impacted their lives over the last few years, particularly during the pandemic, and that triggered us to start thinking about practical ways we could help.  

"We approached ROCK and they were very keen to work with us on the project - to leverage their expertise to create significant social value for Red Kite tenants.” 

ROCK presenting at a digital training session with tenants

Tenant receiving help at a digital training session

We’ll be doing more of these training days in future, using learning from the trial last summer and this first official session to further tailor the experience for our tenants – so watch this space!