Tumble dryers are a useful addition to any household - but only when they're used safely.

We recently had a fire at one of our homes, which may have been caused by a faulty tumble dryer. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but we felt this was a good time to remind all our tenants about how to use tumble dryers safely.

  • Always remember to register a new appliance with the manufacturer. That way you can be contacted easily if a safety recall is required. You can also register your appliance, regardless of its age
  • Use Electrical Safety First's free online checker to see if your tumble dryer or any other electrical items have been recalled
  • If you're worried about fitting a new tumble dryer (or any other appliances) yourself, always ask a qualified electrician
  • Clean out lint and fluff from the filter and around the door after every use (remember to also read the manufacturer's instructions; other parts of the appliance may need to be cleaned regularly)
  • Don't leave dryers, dishwashers and washing machines on overnight.

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