We have heard reports of a potential gas meter scam which involves paying to have a 'substitute' meter fitted that is claimed to register less gas than is actually being consumed. We’ve also been told that there are devices being sold online that claim to slow the gas supply into your home. These claims are usually completely false, and they are in fact totally illegal.

You may be told that this can save money on fuel bills - but this is a scam, and offenders are likely to be slapped with a hefty fine and can even face a jail sentence. Allowing or undertaking this work would be a breach of your tenancy - and it’s also very dangerous: there is a serious risk of explosion and harm from illegal gas fittings and gas installations.

If we find that a tenant has tampered with their gas meter or supply we will take immediate legal steps to end their tenancy. Anyone doing so is putting their life and the lives of their family and neighbours at risk. We will take the same approach with anyone found to have tampered with their electricity meter or supply.

It's important to remember that only Gas Safe engineers with the relevant training are qualified to remove a gas meter, which is the supplier's property and should not be removed without contacting them.