Each year we hold an awards event, to recognise the people who make a real difference in our communities. 

This year, our Green Space Awards were created to focus on the wonderful gardens, patios, vegetable patches and balconies across High Wycombe. 

The winners were chosen by our Event Focus Group, made up of Red Kite tenant volunteers. 

Picture of tenants from the Events Focus Group.

We had five categories this year and we’re excited to announce the winners... 

Best vegetable patch 

The award for best vegetable patch was won by Sandcastle Nursery. The children of the green room have worked tirelessly to produce an amazing allotment full of pumpkins, strawberries, chillies, mint, and so much more! 

Sandcastle Nursery's Veg Patch

The Event Focus Group went along to visit Sandcastle Nursery to reward the children with their trophy and medals – they were so excited! 

Picture of child from Sandcastle nursery.

Jo, the deputy manager, was so thrilled to have won this award, and already has plans to make the veg patch bigger and better next year. She was even kind enough to invite the group to come back next year and see. The nursery won a £150 voucher, which Jo is keen to use to keep improving their veg patch. 

Picture of Jo from Sandcastle nursery.

Best communal garden 

We had some great entries for the best communal garden and were spoilt for choice when it came to picking a winner. 

The winning communal garden was at Mayorfield House in Marlow. One of the tenants, Monika, entered the garden and we’re so glad she did – just look at the pictures! 

Picture of Mayorfield House communal garden.

Picture of Mayorfield House communal garden.

Geoff from Gweneth Court also sent in an entry for his communal garden which won a Highly Commended prize for him and his neighbours to share.

Picture of Gweneth Court communal garden.

Best pots and patios 

Lize Elton was the winner of the best pots and patios category. 

Lize takes such pride in her space and was beaming with joy when we popped round to give her the award. Congratulations! 

Picture of winner with their certificate

Picture of best pots and patios

We also had a Highly Commended award winner for best pots and patios, and this was Terry Wilkins. Terry’s garden is an array of beautiful colours and we just had to show you!

Picture of best pots and patios highly commended entry

Best kept garden 

Samantha Bacchus was crowned winner of the best kept garden category. The Events Focus Group went to see the garden and were overwhelmed with how great it looked in person. Tenant volunteer Maureen said "Samantha is so deserving of this award! Just look at this place, I love it!" 

Samantha added, “Thank you to everyone who voted for my garden, I love this little space! When I moved in 10 years ago there was nothing but decking and a shed, just stones and lots of clay soil. During lockdown I was working from home and this tiny little garden became my project, it was so wonderful to have and nurture.”

Picture of best kept garden

Huge congratulations to Agnieszka Stuczynska, Monika Arris and David Wooster who all won Highly Commended prizes for their wonderful gardens.  

Children's tallest sunflower (for children aged 4 to 11) 

We were lucky enough to have three winners for this category: Maise Brown, Molly Brown and Malika Hashimy – congratulations! 

Picture of tallest sunflower winner

Picture of tallest sunflower winner

Picture of tallest sunflower winner

Jon, Red Kite’s Events, Volunteering, Engagement and Events Manager said: 

As a keen gardener myself it was an absolute pleasure to be involved in our Green Space Awards this year.  

“At Red Kite we think it's important to celebrate the hard work and care that our tenants and local community groups put into their green spaces.  

“I'm always particularly impressed by the groups of tenants who voluntarily get their wellies on to improve the look of their communal garden areas. But perhaps my favourite experience this year was visiting the vegetable garden of a local nursery where the children help cultivate and then enjoy the harvest from their very own veg patch. 

“Congratulations to all of this year's winners and thank you to everyone who got involved and entered!”