Two of our tenants were invited to take part in Fairhive Homes’ first Resident Forum Away Day at the end of January. Adrian and David, two members of our Resident Representative Team (RRT), went along to talk through how we do things here at Red Kite.

The event, facilitated by Tpas, the tenant engagement experts, was a chance to share information about changes in the sector, how and what landlords are having to prepare for, and the role that residents have to play.

David commented:

"It was a pleasure to attend the Away Day, along with other volunteers from Tpas and Paradigm Housing. Adrian and I contributed by sharing Red Kite’s practice in tenant involvement. We were asked questions on how we operated, and we gave them an overview of the Red Kite RRT. The attitude was positive with different ideas welcomed, in particular our relationship with the Board and Management Team. It was clear that we had true tenant engagement and that Fairhive could benefit from some of our ways of operating."

Iva, from Fairhive Homes added:

"Resident voice is at the top of the regulator’s and government’s agendas. The away day has strengthened our commitment to engaging with our residents, providing them with assurance of how we are performing and ensuring they have up to date information to be able to influence our decisions.

"We will be looking at organising more networking events for our volunteers so there should be more opportunities in the future to get both residents and staff together."

It's thanks to the great work and commitment of volunteers like David and Adrian that we can continue to improve the services we provide to all of our tenants and strive to be the best housing association we can be.

Attendees at the Fairhive Homes Away Day