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Sheltered schemes

Across the Wycombe district, we have a number of sheltered housing schemes that are supported by a team of staff and are made up of individual, self-contained homes for persons aged 60 and over. Most of our schemes have communal facilities, such as common rooms, that are enjoyed by our tenants for coffee mornings and other social activities. We have also installed wi-fi in the schemes, meaning that any residents or visitors can take advantage of free wi-fi in the common rooms - the access code is displayed at every scheme. 

We have a team of experienced specialists and sheltered specialists who carry out the estate and facilities services, including things like:

  • Health and safety checks
  • Management of your scheme and its facilities
  • Tenancy management
  • Monitoring contractor performance, such as cleaning and grounds maintenance
  • Reporting communal repairs

Our sheltered services specialists regularly visit all of our schemes and hold monthly surgeries, where they come in to talk to residents about any issues they may have and provide regular updates on actions arising. You can find a full schedule for when these visits will be taking place on the noticeboards in our schemes. They also carry out welcome visits for all new tenants to help them settle into their new home and will assess if you require any support or assistance to help maintain your independence. Their contact details are displayed on the notice boards in all our schemes.

Sheltered housing enables independent living for people aged 60 and over - a number of other services are provided which include window cleaning and grounds maintenance of the communal garden. 

Connection Floating Support

Connection Floating Support provide support for older people across the whole of Buckinghamshire County Council, including our sheltered schemes. Since forming in 1995, they have been working in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire helping people to take part in the activities they enjoy, stay connected with friends and access services to improve their lives. With a focus on promoting independent living and giving residents the support they need, Connection Floating Support offer a wide range of types of support.

Connection Floating Support are funded by Buckinghamshire County Council - meaning there is no cost to residents for the support they provide.

Our sheltered services specialists will help refer you to this service if you require assistance with maintaining your independence.

There are Connection Floating Support drop in sessions at each of our schemes, the dates and times for these are shown on the scheme notice boards. 


If you live in one of our sheltered schemes, you'll be able to access the Telecare service, an alarm service that covers the whole county. This provides 24-hour cover, in the form of a pendant/bracelet alarm that you can press in order to contact the Centra support team, who run the Telecare service. The alarm will be connected to your landline, meaning that once you press your alarm button you'll be able to talk to one of Centra's trained professionals who will be able to assist you when you feel vulnerable, at-risk or simply want reassurance.

To find out more about the Telecare service, visit Centra's website. Alternatively, contact your Sheltered Services Specialist who will give you more information on how to apply. 

How to apply for sheltered housing

To be eligible, you need to be aged 60 or over (unless you have exceptional circumstances). To apply, visit the Bucks Home Choice website


We recognise that keeping pets can offer significant benefits to our tenants and we will usually allow you to keep a small domestic pet if you live in one of our sheltered schemes. If you wish to keep a pet, please refer to our pet standard.

Aids and adaptations

If you live in a sheltered scheme and there is a change in your circumstances, we may be able to carry out adaptations, alterations or additions to your home to make it easier or safer for use by a person with a disability. This can be considered where there has been an assessment of need by the Community Occupational Therapy service and they recommend that such works are required.

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