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Parking on Red Kite land

If you park on Red Kite land, such as:

  • Garage sites
  • Roads 
  • Or green spaces

Your vehicle will still need to be taxed and insured. All vehicles should be in a roadworthy condition and not unsightly or in a state of disrepair. 

Although our land is not ‘public’ land, we do not permit SORN (Statutory Off Road Notices) to apply to vehicles that are untaxed or not insured. Your vehicle will be subject to DVLA requirements, and thus could potentially be removed should you not tax or insure it.

We do not usually give permission to park a commercial vehicle, or a vehicle over 3,500kg when fully loaded, on any Red Kite land. We also don’t allow abandon unwanted vehicles. To report an abandoned vehicle, please call our Relationships Team on 01494 476100. Please note - if you abandon your vehicle, or park it somewhere without permission, or if we think a vehicle or other object on our land is dangerous or unroadworthy, we will take action. We will give seven days notice (or 24 hours where the vehicle is dangerous) that we will remove and destroy it. You will have to pay all of the costs involved in this.

Red Kite staff periodically check on cars on our land as well, and may put a notice (sticker) on a vehicle and arrange for the removal of offending vehicles.  

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