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Keeping communal areas of our buildings clean is another way we can create homes and communities that are safe, attractive and pleasant places to live.

Sasse are responsible for cleaning the areas of your blocks, including lobbies, stairwells, corridors, bin stores and windows. The number of areas they clean depends on which block you live in and an accurate list can be found on your noticeboard.

Tasks include vacuuming, sweeping and mopping of floors; dusting and wiping of surfaces and the removal of litter and graffiti. Sasse will make sure that an agreed standard is met at all times. Take a look at our visual cleaning standards booklet

Take a look at our cleaning schedule below for days of the week you can expect your building to be cleaned. 

 Building Cleaning day 
 Anglesley Court  Tuesday
 Archdale  Tuesday
 Arundel House (1-12)  Thursday
 Bailey House  Tuesday
 Baines House  Monday
 Barlyfields  Wednesday
 Barrowcroft  Friday
 Barry Close  Tuesday
 Beech Close  Friday
 Bodian House (1-12)  Thursday
 Bowerdean Road  Thursday
 Brent Road  Wednesday
 Britnall Court  Tuesday
 Brooke Furmston  Wednesday
 Brooke Road  Tuesday
 Carisbrooke House (1-18)  Thursday
 Chartridge House  Monday
 Chichester Close  Thursday
 Conway House  Monday
 Denham Road  Friday
 Darby Lodge  Tuesday
 Edgewood  Monday
 Elliot House  Wednesday
 Ely House (1-8)  Monday
 Fernie Fields litter pick  Tuesday
 Fir Tree Cottages  Tuesday
 Five Acres  Tuesday
 Foxes Piece  Friday
 Gatensbury Place  Everyday
 George Lee Court  Tuesday
 Gibbs House  Friday
 Gilbert House  Thursday
 Gray’s Dormer  Monday
 Greenway Court  Thursday
 Gweneth Court  Wednesday
 Harlech House (1-18)  Thursday
 Havenfield  Thursday
 Hayden House  Monday
 Hereford House (1-8)  Monday
 Hicks Farm Rise  Friday
 Kennet Close  Tuesday
 Hollis Road (1 & Common room)  Monday
 Hollis Road (3-35)  Monday
 Laburnum Road  Wednesday
 Linchfield (31-72)  Monday
 Mahoney Court  Monday
 Mayorfield House  Monday
 Mclellan Place  Monday
 Mendip Way  Wednesday
 Nancy Hall Court  Wednesday
 New Court  Wednesday
 New Road Gardens  Wednesday
 Nickson Court  Tuesday
 Norwich House (1-8)  Monday
 Nottingham House (1-18)  Thursday
 Orchard House  Tuesday
 Park Street  Wednesday
 Parsonage Close  Tuesday
 Patches Field  Monday
 Pendrill House  Thursday
 Queens Place  Friday
 Selbourne House  Tuesday
 Severn House  Monday
 Shaftsbury Street  Wednesday
 Shelburne Court  Monday
 Shiplake House  Tuesday 
 St Birinus  Friday
 Stirling House (1-12)  Thursday
 Tamar House  Monday
 The Acres  Tuesday
 The Gables  Wednesday
 The Pastures  Wednesday
 The Quadrangle  Friday
 Totteridge Drive  Friday
 Totteridge Road  Thursday
 Warwick House (1-12)  Thursday
 Westwood  Monday
 Woollerton Court  Everyday
 Wycombe View  Friday
 York House (1-8)  Monday

Window cleaning

Window cleaning will be carried out:

  • Once every two months in sheltered accommodation
  • Once every six months on general needs communal windows.

Please note: Individual homes are not included. 

Get in touch with us if you'd like to know when your windows are next due to be cleaned. 

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