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As part of keeping our customers safe, we hold a record of any areas of our homes that contain asbestos.

Asbestos in the home is not a problem as long as it isn’t disturbed and is in good condition. It only becomes a problem when it's damaged or is disturbed, for example by drilling or sanding. 

It was used in construction because of its strength and fire rating properties and if encapsulated, painted or sealed, or is inaccessible it's perfectly safe.

That’s why we want to let you know where it's located in your home, so that you do not damage it by accident or carry out any work that could disturb it.

Take a look at our asbestos leaflet for more information: Asbestos in your home: How to stay safe.

Asbestos - FAQs

If there's asbestos in my home, isn't that a risk to my health?

No. Asbestos is only a risk to health if it's in poor condition, broken, or if you're actually working on it. It's like live electricity – a constant presence and quite safe until tampered with.

My shed roof/garage roof, etc, contains asbestos – does this mean I can’t use my shed/garage?

If the sheeting is not damaged, there's no danger from the asbestos contained within it.

Am I safe to carry out DIY work in my home?

Based on the information you can find online, we advise that you do not carry out DIY to any item if you think it may contain asbestos. Please contact us first to confirm.

I replaced a bath panel recently and now you're telling me it contained asbestos. Does this mean I'm at risk?

The risk to householders from carrying out minor repairs is minimal. However, to avoid any risk, we advise you not to carry out any further work on items that might contain asbestos.

Part of my house that might contain asbestos is damaged (such as a bath panel, rainwater pipe, etc.) What are you going to do about it?

We'll either arrange for the item to be inspected to check whether there is a risk and/or replace the item in an appropriate manner.

Some work was carried out at my home recently. Does that mean that I now have asbestos in my home?

Replacement materials used by us and our contractors will not contain asbestos.

What are you going to do to get rid of the asbestos from my home?

If asbestos is not damaged or disturbed, the safest thing to do is to leave it where it is. If there's some damaged asbestos in your home, we'll immediately assess the risk and then decide the best course of action to deal with it to make sure your family is not exposed to any potential risk.

I'm not staying in this property; will you move me?

No. We believe that like the majority of buildings built before 1990, most of our buildings will contain asbestos. There would therefore be no point in moving you to another property which is also likely to contain asbestos.

If you have any questions regarding asbestos in your home or you're looking to do any decorating or DIY, please contact us.

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