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Repair priorities

Due to the unprecedented situation we face as a result of the Coronavirus we have had to change the way that we work in line with Government guidance.

We would ask that on reporting a repair you provide accurate information when answering the health screening questions which will ensure we keep all members of your household, our staff and contractors  safe.

When prioritising repairs, we take vulnerabilities into account to make sure we carry them out accordingly. 

Emergency repairs: one hour or 24 hours

An emergency is defined as something which could cause danger to someone’s health and safety, or cause serious damage and destruction to property home or building. Emergency repairs will be carried out within 24 hours of being reported.

The operative carrying out the emergency repair will make the situation safe so that urgent or routine work can be carried out.

A 1 hour emergency is:

  • Total loss of electrics to the whole property or block
  • Unsafe power – e.g. sparks from electrics
  • Total loss of mains water supply
  • An uncontainable leak – e.g. burst pipe, water tank or any leak that is affecting electrics or could cause damage to the property
  • A blocked WC caused by the external drains – when there is only one WC in the property. There will be a recharge if the blocked was caused internally
  • Fire, flood or structural damage – make safe only
  • Severe roof damage – e.g. making the property unsafe or vulnerable to damage or risk to the public
  • Unsecure property – e.g. broken ground floor window (make safe only and board if needed), broken door locks (there will be a recharge if the damage was caused by a tenant).

A 24 hour emergency is:

  • Blocked or overflowing sewage drain
  • Partial loss of electrical power or light – e.g. cooker and fridge sockets. Partial meaning: multiple lights or power outlets not working. If only one, this is an urgent job and not an emergency (unless the one outlet not working is for a medical appliance).
  • No hot water during winter months – e.g. immersion heater not working during winter months between 31st October – 1st May
  • Partial loss of water (such as no water to entire bathroom, but water in your kitchen)
  • Loose or detached stair hand rail – e.g. risk of injury to public
  • Rotten timber floor or stair tread – e.g. risk of injury to public
  • External main door to block unsecure – Mechanical only. E.g. hinges, handles and door closers (should be one hour emergency if door could fall on someone).

Urgent repairs: five working days

If the repair seriously affects your comfort it will be treated as an urgent repair. An urgent repair will be attended to within five working days.

An urgent repair is:

  • Some lighting sockets or electrical fittings not working – if one out of five sockets in one room is not working, this is a routine repair and not an urgent
  • All heaters not working
  • Blocked or leaking drains not causing damage
  • A blocked WC caused by the external drains – if there are other WC’s in the property (if there is only 1 WC, then this should be a one hour emergency) There will be a recharge if the blockage was caused internally by you
  • Leak from water pipe, tank or cistern not causing damage
  • Leaking roof not causing damage
  • Repair to external windows causing the property to be unsecure – not on ground floor. If the window is on ground floor, this should be a one hour emergency for a make safe (board up)
  • Overflow running onto footpath (if in winter months then 1 hour emergency)
  • Shower not working (if you have a bath, this is a routine repair).

Routine repairs: 20 working days

A routine repair is any other repair to your home that is not listed above and is able to be booked within a sensible time scale. Routine repairs will be attended to within 20 working days.

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