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Pay rent online

You can pay your rent online using the secure AllPay website.

Pay your rent online

We also offer a number of other ways you can pay your rent!


For a more detailed description of the different ways you can pay your rent, visit our 'What ways can I pay?' page

Avoid over-spending this Christmas

It’s easy to overspend during the festive season with tempting offers and pressures to buy, so try to prioritise your most important payments such as rent and utility bills. We also understand that it can be tempting to take out a high interest loan to buy Christmas presents. However, these can often cause debt problems to spiral out of control. If you think you might struggle with finances over the holiday season, get advice now – don’t wait till the New Year.

Remember that you can talk to our Financial Wellbeing Team, who will be happy to offer advice and signpost you in the right direction. You can call them on 01494 476100 or email:

Here are some money saving tips for getting you through the festive season:

1. Set a festive budget to help you keep track of spending

2. Avoid buying on impulse – always make a shopping list and stick to it

3. Pay your December bills when you get paid so you know what’s left to spend on Christmas shopping

4. Avoid short-term loans. If you do need to borrow money, make sure you know what it will cost you in the long run and when you have to pay it back by, so you can make an informed choice

5. Shop around for deals on presents and food (get started early or look out for last minute reductions), use price comparison sites for larger items and don’t forget to use your loyalty points

6. Agree among your family to only buy presents for the children; or if you also want to buy for the adults, consider a Secret Santa so you only have to budget for one present

7. Keep an eye out for free activities for children during the Christmas holidays to keep them busy without costing money

8. Choose LED Christmas lights (these use a lot less energy) and remember to turn them off when you go out or go to bed as this will save money and reduce the risk of fire

9. Make your own personalised greetings cards – it’s great fun for all the family and can help save you money. You could also have a go at some home-made gifts for that extra personal touch

10. Time your heating so it only comes on when you’re at home and turn down the heating when you’re cooking Christmas dinner – the heat from the kitchen will help heat the surrounding space

Take a look at for more ways to save money

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