Tenant Power Making Decisions
24 October 2018

Tenant power in making decisions and influencing

Category: Tenant-led

Our exceptional Core Procurement Group are in the office today evaluating tenders for our new fire safety and door entry contract

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22 October 2018

Family were lucky to escape fire alive

Category: Home safety

The dangers of tampering with electrics became a terrifying reality for one family who were lucky to escape with their lives after their home was destroyed by fire.

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Red Kite Community Housing News Blogs Thumbnail
15 October 2018

Great result in recent antisocial behaviour case

We've recently been granted a two-year injunction against someone living in one of our homes, as a result of months of hard work by our dedicated ASB team.

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Fit And Fed
11 October 2018

Fit and Fed receive Red Kite Springboard funding

Category: Springboard

Wycombe Wanderers Sports and Education Trust were ecstatic to hear the news that we had awarded them £17,879 from our Springboard Fund.

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