Over the past year, we've been collaborating with Bucks Fire and Rescue Service, providing a diverse range of homes to serve as training grounds for the Fire Service. Providing these training spaces ensures that firefighters have access to realistic environments, simulating various home types for different training scenarios.

We’re committed to building thriving and safe communities, and this collaboration plays a crucial role in that mission. By facilitating these training opportunities, we're helping to prepare our firefighters to respond effectively to emergencies, ultimately protecting our tenants and their homes.

Breathing Apparatus Training 3

For essential fire safety tips and advice that can help you stay safe in your home, we encourage you to visit the Bucks Fire and Rescue Service website or head over to our home safety page.

Remember, fire safety is a shared responsibility, and by staying informed and prepared we can all contribute to a safer community. If you’re worried about fire safety in your home, or one of our communal areas – get in touch today.

Fire Safety