At Red Kite, we're dedicated to providing the best possible services to our tenants. As part of our commitment, we've made significant improvements to our damp, mould, and condensation (DMC) process to ensure it's both thorough and efficient. In July last year, we worked closely with our tenants during a scrutiny bootcamp to guarantee that our services meet their needs and expectations. Read more about the successful bootcamp.

01 Trevor Morrow

Recently, our Group Chief Executive, Trevor Morrow, joined one of our Technical Officers on a visit to two tenants facing DMC issues. Trevor was impressed by the Technical Officer's ability to diagnose each issue and provide tailored solutions to the tenants and was pleased to see the improvements we've made in practice. 

Trevor commented, “It was great to see such an important part of our work in action. The Technical Officer was kind, understanding, and flexible with each of the tenants, reassuring them that the right resolutions would be put in place. With new legal changes such as those included in Awaab’s Law, it’s essential that we get things right the first time when it comes to DMC – not only because we must, but because it’s the right thing to do for the tenants in our homes.”

Please make sure you tell us as soon as possible if you're concerned about damp, mould or condensation in your home, especially if you think it might be having an impact on your health or the health of members of your household. You’ll need to provide us with some details and then we’ll get back to you with some next steps. You can complete our online form or alternatively we can take you through the questions over the phone - call 01494 476100. It’s important that we gather all the right information to make sure we can tackle the problem quickly, so please allow 10 minutes or so to complete the form.