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Working in partnership with our tenants is something we're passionate about here at Red Kite. Our Relationship Advisors in the Contact Centre regularly do this to find the best possible outcomes to challenges and are committed to always respecting tenant feedback.

We're excited to share a change that has been made to our phone system. We have now brought in a new call-back option, where tenants can use an automated system to keep their place in the queue, instead of waiting on the phone themselves. This means that if wait times are longer than usual, callers can carry on with their day and be called back when their number reaches the top of the queue - the same day!

Over 1,000 tenants have already used this service and have been very pleased with the change.

One of the tenants involved in the decision, Jane, commented on the changes saying:

"I used the call-back system last week, it really works well. I was called back within five minutes. I have never experienced that with any other company.

"One of my neighbours used it and she was impressed with the service too."

We hope that this will allow us to provide a more efficient service overall, with shorter wait times for our tenants.

Ashley, Contact Centre Team Leader, said:

"We implemented this change following our recent scrutiny review meeting, where we worked in partnership with our tenants to think of new ideas to improve the Contact Centre's service. Like many organisations, we have days where our tenants can experience longer wait times due to high call volumes, so we hope this change will make it easier to contact Red Kite.

"Thank you to all our tenants who were involved in the scrutiny panel, your feedback and expertise were crucial in bringing forward this change and the many other great ideas."

We are also pleased to share that we have now updated our interactive voice response system, so that there are fewer options for our tenants to go through, making it easier to get in touch with us.

We are always looking to further improve customer satisfaction, so if you have any ideas please get in touch or leave us some feedback.