One of our tenants who is particularly vulnerable was not using his gas central heating because he couldn't top up the meter due to a fault. Following a case where we were unable to access his home for a home check, we have now managed to obtain additional valuable information about our tenant that will allow us to assist him better and schedule future checks and repairs.

Our Contact Centre Manager Ashley played a crucial role in updating our records to reflect the lack of communication with the tenant, and in securing access to the home during a time that was convenient for the tenant. This visit was conducted in October by our Community Specialist Sara-Jane and Homes Safety Specialist Pippa, but unfortunately they were unable to clear the debt because of a fault with the meter. The team made numerous calls to the tenant's utility provider, and Pippa visited our tenant throughout November to try to resolve the issue.

After feeling she was at a dead end, Pippa decided to brainstorm possible solutions with our Community Coordinator Ruby. This proved successful, and as a result Pippa was able to schedule an appointment with the tenant and to get both British Gas and our contractor K&T Heating to attend at the same time. Together they managed to replace the meter and service the boiler which is now fully operational and safe.

The tenant was overjoyed to have heating again, and our ongoing engagement with him over the past few months has helped him understand the importance of taking the initiative in improving his circumstances. He has since applied for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and acquired a mobile phone, which will make communication with him much easier.

Pippa also introduced the tenant to our Realising Potential Approach, and he's now considering whether this might be beneficial to him.

This is a great example of what we at Red Kite call #OneTeam working, and has made a significant difference to this tenant's life.