On Wednesday (9th March), we attended Castle Flats to finalise a project that we’d been busy planning for months.

We had received complaints from local residents about the number of wheelie bins lining the pavements on neighbouring streets, in addition to a constant fly-tipping problem. On further investigation, we realised that the designated wheelie bin sheds - 33 of them in total, were either full of rubbish and fly-tipping, or had broken locks, making them inaccessible.

We got hands-on, clearing out the large brick recycling bin stores, filling a skip, and encouraged tenants and leaseholders to bring their bulky items down to the skip, including old TVs and a bed frame.

All residents were given a laminated card with their wheelie bin shed code and were asked to leave them in their homes in the event of a change of occupancy. We've also ensured that all sheds are cleaned moving forwards, as part of the Sasse contract.

Thanks to everyone involved, for helping to make our estates much nicer places to live in.

A colleague cleaning the rubbish from a bin shed

A skip full of rubbish

A group shot of colleagues in high vis jackets