32 Red Kite homes are now benefitting from a brand new heating system that not only improves warmth and energy efficiency, but also saves money on fuel bills.

Located in rural areas outside of the normal gas network, these homes have been fitted with renewable air source heat pumps which can save hundreds of pounds a year and can half the amount of CO2 emissions. As part of our promises made to customers, they chose the new system themselves and together with Mitsubishi Electric we installed 32 of the market-leading Ecodan heat pump systems just over a year ago in homes that had previously used solid fuel, as an energy-efficient alternative to traditional boilers.

One year after installation, the systems have shown some really great results in terms of the benefits, not least the potential savings of up to £1,000, depending on the size of the home. Alongside the savings, the new systems also help with issues such as condensation, which can quickly lead to damp. Take a look at this video to hear from one of our customers who has benefitted from the work: