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Right to Buy

The following information applies to former tenants of Wycombe District Council (now Buckinghamshire Council) whose homes were transferred to us (Red Kite) on 12th December 2011. If you were one of those tenants, you have a preserved right to buy your home from us.

We provide a service for our tenants who are considering buying their homes under the current Right to Buy legislation.


To qualify for Right to Buy, you need to have been a public sector tenant for three years or more. Spouses and other family members who are not tenants may be included in a Right to Buy application, subject to certain conditions (for example, if they have been living permanently in the home for the last 12 months).


You may not always have the right to buy if you live in sheltered or temporary accommodation. Other exceptions sometimes apply to ground floor flats and to bungalows. If you are not sure if the Right to Buy applies to you, or wish to check your tenancy qualifying period, please contact us.


We provide the Right to Buy service at no cost to tenants. If you decide to purchase your home, you will have to pay the usual costs and fees involved with any house purchase. These will include solicitors' fees, stamp duty, survey fees, removal charges and any costs levied by your mortgage provider.

Discount available

This depends on the length of your tenancy and the valuation of your home. Discount starts at 35% (50% if a flat) of your home’s valuation if you have three to five years tenancy, increasing to 36% (52% if a flat) for six years' tenancy and so on. The maximum percentage discount is 60%, or 70% if a flat.

The maximum monetary discount for any home in the Wycombe district is £87,200.


We do not provide mortgages. You will need to obtain your mortgage from a reputable mortgage lender.

How to apply for Right to Buy

You can find the Right to Buy application form below, along with supporting documents containing information about the Right to Buy process - there are lots of documents but it's important to read them through so you are clear on what going through Right to Buy means for you as a tenant.

Fill out this form if you would like to apply for Right to Buy: Right to Buy Application Form

Useful information

These are some useful notes to look at when filling in the form: Guidance for filling out your Right to Buy form

Read this guidance to see if buying your flat is the right thing for you: Government guidance on buying a flat from a social landlord

Here are just a few things to think about before going ahead with the Right to Buy: Can you afford to buy your home?

Some general information about Right to Buy: Information to Tenants

The Communities and Local Government information pack

If you would like more information about buying your home then please contact the government's Right to Buy Agent service.

The information below is all part of our Right to Buy information pack:

Right to Acquire

This scheme is for people who became new tenants of Red Kite on or after 12th December 2011 and who were not tenants of Wycombe District Council (now Buckinghamshire Council) immediately prior to this date.

The information shown above relating to qualification, exceptions and costs is the same for the Right to Acquire as for the Right to Buy. Unlike Right to Buy, the discount arrangements are different. The government has published set levels of discount for the Right to Acquire scheme and, for the Wycombe District, the set discount amount is £13500.

A guide on the Right to Acquire: Guide to the Right to Acquire

The form to fill in about the Right to Acquire: Right to Acquire Form

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