May 2022

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How we're performing

As a tenant-led organisation we think it's important to share our performance with our customers. Over the years we've shared information in annual reports, snapshots, videos, and even a mini-website.

Here at Red Kite, we do our best to deliver excellent services. To help us know how we're doing we capture a range of information from statistical through to customer satisfaction. We share this information with our Resident Representative Team (RRT), our Board and our Committees.

Working with our teams and our RRT, we've designed new graphics so you can see how we're doing.

Tenant-Led Performance measures, May 2022 - 100% of recruitment has involved a tenant; 90% of procurement has involved a tenant; 75.9% of formal complaints resolved within target time; 38 tenants influencing decisions per month

Our tenant volunteers have done a great job continuing to work with us throughout a difficult and busy period for everyone. The team and our volunteers are also working hard on how to further enable resident involvement in our new digital way of working on activities such as recruitment. We continue to explore new ways to engage with our residents to allow us to share sensitive procurement data in a secure and GDPR-compliant way.

Home Safety & Standards Performance measures, May 2022 - 100% of Health & Safety inspections completed; 100% of remedial actions completed in target time; 100% of homes meet the Decent Homes Standard; 100% of rents meet the Rent Standard

We're pleased to report that we remain 100% compliant with all of our safety, rent and home quality standards.

Home Improvements & Repairs Performance measures, May 2022 - 84 improvement works completed since the beginning of April 2022; 82.1% satisfaction with planned works services; 86.4% satisfaction with repairs service; 92.4% of repairs jobs completed in time

We continued our repairs services throughout the lockdown period, making sure our customers’ homes continued to be maintained.

Service Satisfaction Performance measures, May 2022 - 94.3% satisfaction with neighbourhood; 76.9% satisfaction with re-lets service; 63.6% of tenants satisfied with complaints handling; 100% satisfaction with ASB service

We are continuing to work with customers to ensure people have access to safe, secure, comfortable homes.

Development Performance measures, May 2022 - 220 homes in planning stage; 117 homes under construction; Up to 500+ homes due to be delivered; 104 homes completed

Our development plans are going strong, delivering new homes across our communities.

Please note that the totals identified here show progress to date, with up to 300 homes being our ambition to deliver by 2024.

Corporate Journey

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