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Our annual report

Below, you can find our most recent annual report, as well as previous annual reports which date back to our very first one in 2012.

These reports highlight how we've done throughout the year, looking back over our achievements and summarising our performance in key areas of the business. 

As an organisation that is governed by our regulator, the Regulator of Social Housing, they expect to be able to look over our performance and understand a bit more about us.

As a tenant-led organisation, we share as much information as we can, in a way that is meaningful and interesting for our customers. We work with members of our Resident Representative Team (RRT) to understand what they’d like to know more about, and which areas should feature in our annual reports.

Partnership • Respect • Pride
Realising the potential in our communities


Red Kite Community Housing, Windsor Court, Kingsmead Business Park, High Wycombe, HP11 1JU

Red Kite Community Housing is the trading name of Red Kite Community Housing Limited, a charitable registered society which operates for the benefit of the community under the Cooperative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014, registered in England with the Financial Conduct Authority (registration number 31322R) and the Regulator of Social Housing (registration number 4682). VAT number 290 7410 06.